Future Hopes for More Children in His Future

Posted On : January 17, 2019






Future is charismatic: his music is upbeat, and his songs are perfect for any “turn-up”.  It is undeniable, that Future aka Future Hendrix has created a persona of himself through his music. Andre 3000 may have said it best: “…Man, Future makes the most negative inspirational music ever.”  As a result of his charismatic style, and his uptempo lyrics, the radio industry is constantly bombarding the public with his music.  As of recent though, Future has been in the public eye for more than just his music.

In a recent interview with BigBoyNeighborhood, Future was quoted as saying, “Fifty percent of people misunderstand me, basically damn near seventy-five percent think I’m a totally different way then I am…and at times I embrace that…I embrace that person that you think I am…like doing the song “Real Sisters” and “At the Same D@mn Time”. Most onlookers would totally agree with Future’s characterization of himself. For some, it’s as if Future has embraced being a womanizer. From his “I’m good luv, enjoy” and “One monkey don’t stop no show” clapbacks to women on his social media, to his chauvinistic ultimatum to his baby mamas “U gone cry in this phantom or that Nissan?” Future has really showed the public he gives no f^cks about how well his words sit with anyone, especially women.

As we all know, and as the deep voiced “How youuuu doin'” Wendy Williams has made very clear with her flow charts, Future has  been involved in a love triangle (or rectangle/octogone of  sorts) with various women in his life, most of whom he shares children with. He recently had his sixth child with Bow Wow’s ex, Joie Chavis, while at some point simultaneously being in a relationship another one  of his baby mamas , Brittni Mealy.  For many people who once adorned Future, this play between baby mama # 3 (Brittni Mealy), and baby mama #5 (Joie Chavis) marked the last straw. Future even showed up to Chavis’  baby shower-slash-gender reveal surprise to take warming, coupled up photos beside Joie, despite Brittni Mealy, on his arm upon his arrival.

In the same recent interview with Big BoyNeighborhood, Future stated he wants more kids! (HOW SWAY?).  He seems to have spats with all his baby mamas, and complain about them or question their motives. While in a Beats 1 interview on #Freebandz radio, Future spoke on his personal life including his past relationship with singer, and baby mama #4 Ciara. In the same Beats 1 interview on #Freebandz radio, Future criticized Ciara’s husband Russell Wilson for  not being a man, and “doing exactly what she (Ciara) tells him to.”

It seems that even Future realized that his personal life has slowly but surely began overshadowing his music career. Maybe that’s why within the first two weeks of 2019, Future has hit the ground running with his new work, “Jumpin On A Jet,” and  documentary, The WZRD.


What do you guys think the future holds for Future, will he make someone baby mama #6 in 2019.