In-Car Fight Between Alleged GF/BF Turns Deadly For Another Family (Video)

Posted On : March 16, 2017

This is a sad situation caused by alleged foolishness. According to a key witness, the presumed girlfriend caused the wreck. And, here’s how.

— Bellefontaine, St. Louis County, Missouri

While this story is crazy in itself, what’s even more concerning is that there are no reports from local news authorities about it.

Nothing from police reports. Nothing from St. Louis County social media. Just … … nothing.

The only evidence of this disastrous wreckage is a video filmed by Ramona Sullivan.

She recorded live on Sunday, March 12 at 2:49 p.m. It’s nearly the weekend, and there are still no reports.

Sidenote: Before you watch this video, keep in mind that the car barely missed the recording woman’s car. According to her, she was to the alleged couple’s left, and they passed her and hit the car on the right. So, she’s in a state of shock knowing it could’ve been her. So, if you don’t like the volume, just turn it down. She says “omg” throughout the whole video.

A YouTube version is located at the bottom of the article. You know how Facebook likes to delete evidence.

Here’s What the Witness Saw Before the Accident

According to Ramona, she was beside the accident-causing car. She says the woman in the car was attacking the male while he drove, and the incident happened once the woman turned the steering wheel as the man fought her off.

“If she would of turn the wheel left she would of hit me so that’s another reason why I was so shock…in the silver car, it was two young men…in the black car, a man and woman…the lady pull the wheel into the silver car…the couple was fighting.”

Like, for real?

The woman couldn’t wait to handle the negative situation? She had to fight her dude while he was driving?

Citizens pulled her from the car’s passenger seat.

Woman who allegedly caused wreck

Some have tried to say the two cars were racing. However, Ramona notes much differently.

“Yeah it’s crazy here period[.] What cause the accident was a couple in the car fighting…the driver miss us and [swerved to] the right and hit the other car…nobody was racing. Those kids didn’t see it coming.”

If you look at the impact, you can see that the alleged couple’s car rammed into back-left of the teens’ car — just as Ramona has said.

Car crash in St. Louis county - Ramona Sullivan

Unfortunately, according to Ramona, one of the teens died at the scene.

“I seen those teenagers ride passed me. That’s something I can’t get over…to witness someone last day on this earth is powerful because that could of been me…all behind someone senseless act of violence.”

Ramona says that — while praying for those injured — all she could do was think of and thank God for being alive, herself.

Now … the Internet’s Stupidity

People have been bashing her non-stop for her “omg”s throughout the video, even saying she should’ve been the one in the wreck so she could shut up. Likewise, they’ve bashed her for “just recording” and “not helping” — not knowing that the woman is pregnant, according to her Facebook post.

YouTube comments about Ramona Sullivan

These comments are from the YouTube video found below.

If it weren’t for this woman, there would be zero footage of the accident because local news didn’t even cover it.

As you saw, the car was on fire and all. Local news covers car accidents all the time, right? Why is there absolutely nothing on this story?

Look it up for yourself. There’s no information anywhere.

All in all, we’d love to read your thoughts regarding the situation? Why do you think there was no news coverage about any of it? It’s been a week!

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