Girl Sends Crush Presentation On Why He Should Date Her — His Response Is Too Savage

Posted On : April 26, 2017

Lizzy Fenton - Why You Should Date Me
If this were a class, this girl probably would receive an A for this PowerPoint presentation. But, will her crush find it interesting or creepy af?

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA — With social media constantly pushing the standard of proposals and relationships, this girl thought she’d be extra witty and creative.

And while she might have taken an academic approach to her advances, she’ll get “graded” real quick.

‘Why You Should Date Me’…

Her name is Lizzy Fenton. She’s a student at the University of Minnesota. Apparently, she has a crush on a guy named Carter.

Before her presentation, Carter hadn’t exactly noticed Fenton the way she preferred. So, she decided to get innovative.

First, she shows a little saleswomanship and offers herself as a solution.

“Sick of your family nagging you to get a serious girlfriend? Look no further.”

Lizzy Fenton - Why You Should Date Me - Sick Of Nagging

She continues and adds another solution to the table. If Carter is the type of person to get bored easily, he seemingly won’t have that problem with Lizzy.

Lizzy Fenton - Why You Should Date Me - Hair Styles

Hopefully, multiple personalities don’t come along with these different hairstyles, right? Her “diverse hairstyles” might come with strings attached.

This Next Slide Tho…

Well, she’s on a roll at this point. But, now she kicks it up a notch. Time to focus on her “growth,” over the years.

Lizzy Fenton - Why You Should Date Me - Boobs

According to Lizzy’s presentation, she went from an A cup to a DD in just four years. She also predicts that, by 2025, her breasts will each be the size of a human head.

And if that’s not enough for Carter, Lizzy puts his mind at ease — letting him know that he doesn’t have to worry about spending money on her.

Lizzy Fenton - Why You Should Date Me - Support Myself

She seems to be the whole package for Carter, right? What more could he want? Testimonials?

Fortunately, she has those as well. According to Lizzy, even Channing Tatum approves of her.

Lizzy Fenton - Why You Should Date Me - Channing Tatum

Of course, you know that’s a line from She’s Out Of My League. Yet, it’s definitely creative.

All in all, it was quite the presentation.

Carter: ‘I Seent It!’

Lizzy Fenton put some real work into her presentation. After sending it to her crush, he actually responds. However, it was nothing like she had hoped.

Lizzy Fenton - Why You Should Date Me - Carter


…………………………………………….. Bruh … #DeadAF.

Michael Jordan crying

On the Bright Side…

Well, even though Carter didn’t really care for her effort, Microsoft did.

The company was impressed by her use of PowerPoint and deemed her quite the expert.

So, I guess it’s not all bad, right?

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