Man Says Gun Accidentally Discharges During Sex Act And Kills Estranged Wife

Posted On : November 20, 2017

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Yeah. Something doesn’t add up, here. Check out this story.

According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, 53-year-old John Fitzgerald Gonzalez is suspected of fatally shooting his estranged wife.

The source says that, on Thursday morning, Gonzalez told detectives he was performing a sexual act on his wife when the gun went off.


The source reports that — shortly after 7:50 a.m. — Gonzalez called 911 to report that his wife, Nicole Nguyen, had been shot in the stomach.

During the 911 call, according to the source, he says she was shot after a struggle over his gun. The source states as follows.

“Gonzalez initially told police he was picking their son up for school at the home when Nguyen pulled out a gun. He said a struggle broke out, and the gun accidentally discharged.”

When officers arrived at her residence on the 9000 block of College Green Street, police found her on the garage floor next to her vehicle with a gunshot wound to her left torso.


However, in Gonzalez’s arrest report he later told police he was performing a sex act on her prior to the struggle and shooting.

It is unknown if the sex was actually consensual or if it was coerced by force or threats of force,” notes the arrest report.

According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, Gonzalez and his estranged wife agreed to meet. However, he states that he had TWO guns with him because he was concerned the meeting was an “ambush.”

Gonzalez told officers that she reached for the gun during their sex act and the gun fired once. Moreover, according to Gonzalez’s interview, he held the gun by its grip and pulled the trigger when she tugged the gun toward her.


In the arrest report, police note their skepticism regarding his explanation and that they find it all simply “implausible” — all the way back to his reasoning for bringing the guns in the first place.

The source reports that the wife had filed for divorce seven weeks prior to the incident, as states Clark County family records.

This caused Gonzalez to move out of the residence.

However, he told police during his interview that she wanted to get back together — supposedly having an appointment with her attorney later in the day to cancel further divorce proceedings.

It all just sounds extra sketchy, honestly.

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