NBA Star Worth $75Million, Sends Heartwarming Message To Sister After Tough News

Posted On : July 28, 2018

He may be worth $75 million dollars but when his sister needs him, he’s there.

NBA star Ben Simmons was devastated to learn his older sister, Liv Simmons, daughter had been diagnosed with a rare brain condition. The Philadelphia 76ers player – who originally hails from Australia – sent his sister a sweet text to let her know he was thinking of her.

‘Here for you Liv. You really are the strongest person I know and I’m proud to call you my big sis. Love you,’ he texted. But not content with just messaging her, the Point guard/Forward flew to Melbourne to be by his sister and niece’s side.

She Has Vein Of Galen Malformation

After a long labour, Liv Simmons held her beautiful daughter Savannah in her arms.

But after lovingly holding her newborn for just two-and-a-half minutes, an alarm went off, according to The Herald Sun.

Doctors and nurses rushed inside her room and started giving life saving treatment to baby Savannah. It was suspected that she had a rare condition called vein of Galen malformation, a brain blood vessel abnormality.

This occurs when the brain is connected directly to the veins instead of capillaries. It causes a rush of blood to the veins, which in babies can lead to heart failure. Baby Savannah was transferred to Monash Children’s Hospital, where sadly the scary diagnosis was confirmed.

‘I was listening to the doctors talk and just waiting to hear what we can do to fix it, but then I heard the mortality rate and then I didn’t hear anything,’ the heartbroken mother said.

She Didn’t Want Her Brother To Know

Being a protective sister, even going through the worst moment of her life, Liv didn’t want to let her brother know. 

She was worried about his reaction and didn’t want to mess up his NBA plans. But as soon as the basketball player found out, he left America to go back to Australia.

‘We are very close and family is extremely important to us. He just wanted to know what he could do to help,’ she said.

‘I said “If you can take some time out of your busy schedule I’d love to have you here”. He said “I’ll be on the next plane, I wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world”.’

Thankfully after a month in hospital, Liv and her partner Thadd Varmall were able to bring Savannah home last week. 

But their little girl still has a way to go – she will need to undergo major surgery in six months time.