Here’s How Tisha Campbell-Martin Announced Her Divorce From Her Husband Duane

Posted On : February 22, 2018

Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin have been married for over 20 years. With two handsome sons, Tisha and Duane served as a great example of long-lasting marriages in Hollywood. Campbell-Martin took to Twitter to announce that she filed for a divorce after being married to Duane for 22 years.

While no couple is perfect, it’s hard to believe that Tisha and Duane are ending their marriage after being together for practically 3 decades. The couple married in August of 1996. While married for 22 years, they have been together for 27 years. Of course, no marriage is perfect and couples have their issues. However, when seeing them out, they  both appeared to be so happy as they were often photographed holding hands and wearing smiles. In August of 2016, the couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. The couple spoke with Black Doctor and shared what kept their marriage going.

It’s a lot of laughter, it’s a lot of understanding, it’s a lot of — you know — letting the other person be who they are, explained Tisha to Black Doctor. We always have very positive people around us. People who are opinion leaders, people who hold us accountable for own actions. We really take that seriously.

The morning after our 26th Valentine's @duane_martin drives me to work

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Laughter definitely appeared to be prevalent in their marriage. Most of us know Campbell-Martin as our beloved Gina from Martin. Fans were reminded of her comedic side when she joined Real Husbands If Hollywood as she played Duane’s wife. Their interactions were adorable and fun to watch as they seemed to enjoy each other’s company. When the Martins spoke with Black Doctor, they spoke about the importance of dating and liking your spouse. After being married for 10 years, they both acknowledged that they loved each other. Despite the love being there,Tisha spoke about the importance of liking your mate.

I just told my husband, ‘You love me, I love you. That’s a given… I want you to like me,’ Tisha Campbell-Martin  said. We’re in a whole new sexy phase where it’s like, ‘I want to be your girlfriend,’ she said, flashing a wide smile. I’m his girlfriend right now and he likes me.

My birthday last night @xenlounge with xen and @duane_martin

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Tisha Campbell-Martin is pretty active on social media. At her surprise birthday party in October, she shared a photo of herself and Duane with their son, Xen.  That was the last photo she shared of them together as Campbell-Martin has been actively perusing her musical career. Tisha has a new single out entitled I Don’t Wanna Be Alone as she created a dance competition for her social media followers to dance to her song. Tisha nor Duane have shared their reasons for ending their marriage, however, they stated that they’ll always remain a family.

Damn, Gina.