Hero Cop Saves Baby From Choking To Death After Two-Month-Old Turned Blue

Posted On : May 31, 2018

This is the incredible moment a heroic cop saved a baby from choking to death.

Precious two-month-old Zeona turned blue while she was drinking from her bottle. Her frantic grandma Kianna Dorsey called police pleading for assistance. 

Sergeant Nick St Onge, who is with Marietta Police Department in Georgia, was the first one on the scene. 

“She only had a bottle,” Dorsey is heard saying in a dash cam video. “That’s all she had.”

The Officer Was Scared He Had Forgotten CPR

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Sergeant St Onge immediately took the little girl from her grandmother.

He gently starts to pat on little Zeona’s back as Grandma Kianna looks on terrified.

“There we go. Come on, baby. Come on,” Sergeant St Onge can be heard saying to her.

After a few minutes the baby girl begins crying and breathing again. Paramedics are seen tending to the little girl as everyone smiles in relief.

Sergeant St Onge told InsideEdition.com: “During my drive there, I’m reviewing in my head the CPR training I’ve received. “What am I going to do when I get there?

“I’m kind of developing a mindset, a game plan for how I envision things going.”

He Used His Marine Training

Officer St. Onge said that he used training from his nine years in the Marine Corps during the incident on May 15 in Marietta, Georgia.

“The training I had just kicked in, and I just went to work,” he said. “I started doing back blows and chest compressions.”

“Right as the fire department was pulling up and EMS was pulling up, the baby started coming back around and started to cry a little more.”

Thankfully baby Zeona is said to be recovering well from the incident.