Wife Reveals Pregnancy No. Four & Gets An Emmy Worthy Performance And Reaction

Posted On : September 24, 2018

It’s the hilarious video that has entertained more than 100 million people. A wife revealing to her husband that they’re expecting their fourth child. 

“We’re Old – We Can’t Be Doing This!”

When 37-year-old Jahann Stewart from Denton, Texas, found out she was pregnant, she knew her husband’s reaction would be big. They already have three children and she was carrying their fourth. But what she didn’t anticipate, was how big the reaction would be.

She casually asked her husband Charles, 39, to pick up her beverage. But to his complete surprise, he found her pregnancy test placed on top. Jahann’s camera was ready to shoot as Charles declared: “I’m leaving!” The father to be dramatically headed down the stairs of their home as he shouted, “Did you get it from a joke store?”

“Wait, you got a blue marker,” he added. “Where’s that? You fixed it. Babe, is this real?”

The couple who has been married for more than 17 years, already has three children: Jaylinn, Charles and Journee. During the six-minute video, Charles finally realizes his wife is dead serious.

Charles is seen grabbing his chest while waving around the pregnancy test saying, “Babe, we’re old. We can’t be doing this. Jesus fix it!”

They Went On The Ellen Show

The hysterical video quickly went viral – garnering more than 100 million views across social media. 

Charles has become an instant star, with Facebook users loving his reaction to the surprise pregnancy. The video also caught the attention of “The Ellen Show” producers. Last week the couple was invited to talk about their video. 

“He’s hilarious,” Jahann told Ellen DeGeneres, 60, during the talk show. He’s hilarious about everything. I call my best friend, and she’s like ‘whatever you do, you have to record it’ because she knows he’s crazy. He does crazy things.”

The couple is astonished with the reaction it has received from the clip.

Ellen had a surprise of her own for the couple and handed over a pregnancy test for them to read. It announced Shutterfly was giving the couple $20,000 to help pay for their new bundle of joy.

Their baby boy is due to arrive on November 2.