Hmm….Nipsey Hussle Posts Photo Of Lauren London Has Fans Questioning Their Breakup

Posted On : December 3, 2017

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London shocked fans last week when the West Coast rapper announced their breakup. For most fans, the breakup came as a surprise because Lauren and Nipsey seemed like a match made in heaven despite the cheating rumors he was often faced with. But nevertheless, he confirmed their relationship had come to an end. Now, he’s posted a photo on Instagram that has fans scratching their heads. He asked a question about his so-called ex that has fans wondering if he’s already wanting that old thang back.

Still Lovin’ Lauren?:

On Saturday, Dec. 2, Nipsey Hussle took to Instagram with a photo of Lauren London, his ex and mother of his child. Of course, we all know the famed ATL actress is strikingly attractive but what really caught fans’ attention was the caption Nipsey included. It read, “Pull out or naw?” The caption sent fans into a frenzy and many immediately wondered what Nipsey meant and why he would post such a loaded statement.

Check out the post:

Pull out or naw? ?

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Social Media Frenzy:

As expected, the Instagram post sparked a media firestorm and fans had tons of questions. But surprisingly, the post also sparked a heated debate. Many fans of Lauren London actually bashed Nipsey because they found the post to be highly disrespectful. “I fail to see what she finds attractive in him, but then again she was with Wayne so we know her taste in men is questionable. But the fact that he would post something like that about the mother of one of his children, a woman he proclaimed to care about and respect so much….,” one person said. “But then you’re going to post about her like she’s some random IG heaux?? SMH. I just don’t get this younger generation. So many of these guys are missing respect genes (for themselves and others). “Pull out or naw?” Really, dude? Obviously, we all know the answer is no since you two share a child.”

However, other fans argued that women tend to attract what they are. So, if Nipsey is ghetto then so is Lauren? The debates are actually endless as fans have taken the post so many different ways. But regardless of what Nipsey meant, the two are still apart but remain amicable for the sake of their child. What do you think about Nipsey Hussle’s post? Share your thoughts.

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