Having A SideChick For 5 Yrs, Man Confesses To Cheating On His Wife On FB! (Video)

Posted On : May 2, 2017


Houston, Texas man, Lonnie Turner, took to social media to confess to his crimes of adultery. The name Lonnie Turner may be familiar as he as confessed to publicly cheating on his wife before!

Same Dog, Same Tricks: 

Married man Lonnie Turner wrote an open post on FB in order to confess his sins of cheating on his wife, Tammy. According to his post, Tammy is a great woman with an awesome career. However, while she climbed the corporate ladder, she neglected the needs of her husband. Because Tammy was so busy, Lonnie found himself feeling lonely and he desired companionship. So, Lonnie found himself less at home and more in the arms of his mistress, Tiffany.

Using the hashtags, #Confessions and #EvolutionOfTheSidePiece, Turner boldly posted a picture of himself with his wife along with a picture of his mistress. It seems that Lonnie has decided to confess so that he may be forgiven. His wife, Tammy, shared a church sermon where her pastor preached that in order to be forgiven, the sinner must confess their wrongdoings. While that my very well be true, I’m not so sure that publicly embarrassing your wife is a good move. However, this is no surprise as Lonnie has confessed before.

See His Recent Deleted FB Confession Below:






Could it be that he has too much time on his hands? Or is he vying for a reality show. His recent confession seems a bit hypocritical as Turner went viral last year for confessing to having a mistress. Last year, he posted a picture of his wife looking as if she left Sunday school alongside his mistress in a bikini. It’s all so stereotypical that his wife seems like the timid homemaker that wouldn’t step foot in a strip club while the mistress seems like she’s twerking in the soup aisle. Ok, that may be a bit much but you get the point! Is this even real??

Surely these women should be tired of being pawns in the Lonnie Turner chess game. I’m not sure if Tuner is a musician but it seems like he’s auditioning for Love & Hip Hop: Texas. Maybe he’s trying to be on reality tv again as he has been on a reality show before.

Unsolved Case:


Lonnie Turner Sr. from Navasota, Texas was a well respected man who owned a funeral home. He was known for helping the community and often would work with families who struggled to pay for their loved ones’ funerals. Turner Sr. worked to break racial barriers in his town and people admired him. In November of 2002, Tuner Sr. was discovered fatally shot in his home by his son, Lonnie Turner Jr.

Tuner Sr.’s son, Lonnie Jr., became the prime suspect in his father’s murder, particularly after it was discovered that the murder was committed with his gun. However, he had an alibi for the time of the murder. Later, detectives found a mask near the crime scene and DNA evidence led them to Turner’s godson James David White. While White was convicted of the crime, investigators always believed that White possibly was framed.

See the episode below:

Lonnie Tuner Jr. is been absolved of committing murder, however, he has not been absolved of committing adultery. It appears that Lonnie is an habitual offender as he has cheated on his wife several times. Despite the fact that he has confessed twice, it doesn’t appear that he’s sorry.