Husband Charged With Death Of His Wife After She Left Cryptic Text Messages

Posted On : October 8, 2018

Alisha McQueen was last seen on March 7th as she told her daughter that she was talking to a gas station. The mother of 5 was working to get her life together as she was estranged from her abusive husband. Alisha shared an apartment with her sister, Tanisha. When Alisha didn’t return from the gas station, her family became worried. As they wondered where she was, Alisha’s daughter received a text message from her mother indicating who she might have been with. That was the last time that family members heard from Alisha.

Mother Of 5 Left A Cryptic Text Message Before She Disappeared:

Family members were hoping that Alisha would return before her 28th birthday. However, Alisha hadn’t been seen since March 7th and her family was concerned. So, when March 30th arrived, Alisha’s sister Tanisha wished her a happy birthday on Facebook and promised that she was still looking for her.

Stating that she would never give up, Tanisha spoke with Fox 2 News about the last time she saw her sister.

I’m a mess, I just want my sister back and I want answers, said Tanisha, her sister, to Fox 2 News.  She was just sitting on the couch and I never expected her to leave and never come back. She sent that text message – I don’t know if she thought she was in danger or what, Tanisha said, adding it is not like her to drop out of contact.

On the day Alisha disappeared, Tanisha told Fox 2 News that Alisha sent her daughter an odd text message. The text message simply said, “Green F-150”. Concerned, Tanisha wondered if her sister was trying to indicate that she was in trouble. Upon reading the text, Tanisha remembered that Alisha’s estranged husband, Gregory McQueen, drove a Green F-150. She also was well aware that Alisha and Gregory had a toxic relationship.

A very dysfunctional marriage, Tanisha said to Fox 2 about her sister’s marriage. There has been abuse, infidelities, just wasn’t a good relationship. But they are still legally married. My sister was talking about divorce.

Sadly, on September 21, 2018, police officers discovered human remains that belonged to Alisha McQueen. Officers then remembered the last bizarre text message Alisha  sent to her daughter saying “Green F-150.”

Husband Charged With The Death Of His Wife After Text Messages Indicate That He Was The Last Person To See Her Alive:

According to Click On Detroit, on August 25rh, an evidence technician was sent to a location in Ecorse, Michigan where a resident had discovered what appeared to be human bones. Tragically, that wasn’t the end of the remains. On August 28th to September 6th, Ecorse police investigated and found more bones and clothing. At that time, officers were not aware who the human remains belonged to. Lastly, on September 7th, large pieces of cement with embedded human remains were collected. Soon, detectives learned that the remains belonged to Alisha McQueen.

Upon learning that the remains belonged to Alisha McQueen, her estranged husband was arrested. Gregory McQueen has been charged with open murder. Alisa McQueen’s family was not surprised as Gregory was allegedly violent with Alisha in the past. He now faces life in prison. The family of the victim wants justice and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy wants just for the family as well.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said to Click On Detroit. In 2017, this office reviewed almost 9,000 warrants containing allegations of domestic violence throughout Wayne County. We have been in DV epidemic for years.

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