Your Husband Got Me Pregnant! She Tells Woman She’s Pregnant On The D Train!

Posted On : January 14, 2018

Well, there’s no shame in her game here. While on the D-Train, a woman tells her friend that she’s pregnant by her husband. In the day of social media, whenever there’s something going on, folks are quick to whip out their mobile phones and start filming. Well things weren’t different in the case, as a young lady told her friend that she’s pregnant by her husband.

It All Happened On The D-Train

Check out how the passengers responded to this. There was a another woman and a man that stood up for the wife. That’s cool…they didn’t even know her.

Check Out The Video

Many comments supported the wife, and the fact that the “side-chick” was wrong for coming on the train to tell her this. What do you think? Check out the comments below and tell us what you think.

I love how everyone defended Yvette. yesssss!## I don’t know it’s real or not but these ppl the truth….. leave Yvette alone…that’s not your friend! if I was Yvette I would be whooping your ass lolol say so!!

Is she dumb?!! And why her exfriend still trying to talk.. she was lucky the wife didn’t drag her she kept it classy and walked away so I’m guessing the husband gone get his lol girl divorce his ass.the friend and husband garbage

LMAO. It’s funny to me how certain things can cause a person’s true feelings to surface. Y’all doing the absolute most for nothing. This video is faker than the wig on Donald Trump’s head.

She probably want the wife to see it as her husband’s fault all the way. This is 2015 and people has gotten a little wise. The husband did mess up big time, at the same she didn’t have to let her husband run her country side. After all he already had his wife’s country. She violated, he could only go as far as she let him unless it was rape and we know that ain’t the case here.