Ladies! THIS Is How Your Man Should Hype You Up!

Posted On : May 10, 2018

INSTAGRAM — You can tell this man truly cares about his queen, and he’s not slacking at all letting the world know about her.

In a post uploaded by African Instagram user Mr. Coco, you find him hyping up his woman while walking along the street.

If I was an African James Bond, what would my name be?? ? @raptographer

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In the photo’s caption, he mentions:

“If you don’t hype your woman, is she really your woman?”

In the video footage, Coco starts, “FROM THA FEETS!!”

After watching her walk pass, he “collapses” on the ground stating he wants to die, further including “Slay my life!”

This man even stops oncoming traffic for her so he can watch her walk across the street.

If you’re interested in the video, be sure to watch it below.

In only two days, his video has gained approximately 100,000 views. Now via Instagram, that’s a lot! Especially in only two days.

Likewise, it has over 1,000 comments and 16,000 likes. However, as you can see from the footage, it’s definitely worth the watch.

This is definitely a man who spares no voice in letting the world know she’s his queen.


If you expect anything less than the best of feedback, you’d be wrong. This video has gone absolutely viral and with lasting, positive review from viewers — both male and female.

One commentator, user @ItsVee1, mentioned:

“You know like that…. Father Lord, we receive this type of hype from our husbands in Jesus name, Amen?????.”

Well, okay. There were some haters in the mix. For instance, user @fieezee9 had a lot to say about Coco’s cherishable ploys. However, they weren’t so supportive.

“Only a broke [a**] man would hype you all day for 3 straight hours because he’s jobless,” the Instagram commentator noted. “Bill Gates won’t do that [s**t] …all these nonsensical stuff. I would practically slap you silly if you hype me for more than 5mins. Get to work ?.”

NOTE: This has to be a troll, right? There’s no possible way this is a legit woman. This has to be some jealous-a** dude, yes?


Although Coco’s video was awesome, it’s not the only one on his page — goes without saying, right?

He’s tackled current, U.S. events as well — specifically dealing with Kanye West and his antics. In a recently uploaded video, he notes:

“Kanye has really done it again! ? please let us ask our slave ancestors if slavery was a choice?.”

“Let me tell you something…You know when I knew something’s wrong with Kanye was after he started naming his children after cardinal points,” Mr. Coco elaborates. “‘North,’ ‘North West,’ ‘Southeast’… ‘Southwest Airlines’… ‘Jet Blue’….HOW!? That’s when I knew it was a mental problem.”

“NOW…he won’t relax. He gonna say that slavery was a choice. Kanye…what choice? Multiple choice? A, B, C, D…E? You are a foolish cow…the kneecaps of the cow, that’s you…Gon’ sit down in front of TMZ, on live TV [and] say ‘slavery was a choice’!… …your father was a choice. Your ancestors was a choice…. They need to vilify him!…Jesus, take him. Take him! Give us Tupac.”

Likewise, there are several other videos about Kanye and other current events on Coco’s page.

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[Featured Photo via @MrCocoYam / Instagram]