Iggy Azalea Under Fire After Newest Photos, But She DGAF — She’s ‘Extremely Single’

Posted On : June 28, 2018

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UNITED STATES — While Iggy Azalea waits for her album to release, she says Instagram has helped her pass the time. However, she’s getting criticized for her new, “racy” photos.

There’s a clash between viewers who believe in full self-expression and those who prefer to keep it classy or mysterious. This debate isn’t just among celebrities but even trickles down to everyday women.

But, Iggy Azalea appears not to give any f**ks about what anyone is saying about her. And she’s here to let her fans know what’s up.

“Say what you want about me posting pictures on Instagram but honestly, it gives me something else creative I can focus on,” Azalea states via Twitter.

According to her, her photos help through times when she’s in a “dark place” or feeling stagnant.

“Most days, I want my project to drop, yesterday!” the rapper expresses. “But I don’t get to make those choices.”

“And maybe its silly, but it really has been helping me lately to feel more positive and just keep my mind in a creative space, constantly thinking of new visual things and color palates. I’m really glad I’ve got something I can do without needing permission.”

Specifically, Iggy is talking about her pending album release, Kream — allegedly dropping on July 6.

Sometimes all you need is a good pair of heels @fashionnova

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NOTE: As for her album, people are straight clowning her — saying it’s “unwanted,” “unnecessary,” etc. Even Bossip reports, “Iggy Azalea is dropping an album nobody wants.” Likewise, she’s addressing those comments as well.


Iggy continued discussing her creativity as follows.

“If it were up to me, I’d be releasing songs at the same rate I post pictures. I really care about music and all creative things in my life genuinely. I put my heart into it and i just want to say: thanks for supporting me in any way genuinely. I’m grateful.”

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“I’m getting to the point now where I start to try to foresee the outcome of what’s about to happen (an impossible thing to do) and I really spend 80% of my day just in my head thinking of what to visually do to execute at a high level,” Azalea elaborates further.

“It’s not easy when you are fundamentally someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, but I’m hopeful still every time that maybe, eventually, things will change.

“Please know I’m doing everything I can,” the rapper mentions. “I really care for you guys. and I love your messages you send me. Thanks.”

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Okay, so — considering her tweets — maybe she does give AF.

However, while letting her fans know she actually cares about their thoughts and opinions — at the same time — she’s letting it be known that Instagram is her outlet. And that’s the way it’s going to be.

Honestly, she only has to answer to herself, right?

According to E! News, Iggy told the source she’s “extremely single.” There were rumors surfacing that she was dating Tyga. So, she quashed those ideas during her interview, as to set the record straight.

But, why is she so “extremely single”? It’s a question on many viewers’ minds.

After looking at one of Azalea’s photos, IG user @capricorn_don stated:

“How in the hell are you single? I don’t get it. You must be the problem. Lol. Jk.”

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