Internet Reacts To Kevin Hart’s Ex Wife’s Sexy Pics, They Wonder Why Kevin Ever Left

Posted On : April 7, 2018

Ok! Comedian Torrei Hart is looking good in these streets! In a slinky, nude dress, Torrei Hart broke the internet as she shared a photo of herself highlighting all her curves. Along with the photo, Torrei left a message for the men that like to slide in her dm’s.

If you aren’t ready to step up to the plate stay out of my DM’s shooting ya nut a– shot!!!, Torrei wrote on the photo above. I’m a woman on a mission and my mission is success not a sushi dinner!!

Comedian Torrei Hart Is Showing Off All Of Her Sides:

Just in case you thought Torrei Hart was pressed about men, she’s not. On her Instagram page, Torrei Hart posted a photo of herself showing off her thickness. Looking delicious and scrumptious, Torrei Hart managed to shut Instagram and Twitter down! Many people on Twitter reacted to the photos and are questioning why Kevin ever left.

Here Are Some Of The Reactions To Torrei Hart’s Photo:

Damn kev lost out smh u killin his new chick she looks boring

Kevin STUPID for letting you go! Go queen I love it!!??

Go ahead girl I see you keep slaying ??❤ looking beautiful @torreihart

Kevin GOTTA be kickin himself…IDC What you mixed with, ain’t NOTHING like a 100% black queen with killer curves! I see you boo??✊?? @torreihart

You better serve sis @torreihart now this is how you come back ? I LOVE IT ? yyyyeesss

Torrei Hart Is Working Hard On Building Her Empire:

Torrei Hart wants people to know that she is more than Kevin Hart’s ex-wife. Torrei is a former veteran, touring comedian, super mom, beauty entrepreneur, and very soon she will have a talk show. Teaming up with her friend, Georgia Reign, Torrei announcing that she is debuting a talk show in June on Zeus network with Blackson’s longtime girlfriend. While Torrei understands that people know her as the ex-wife of the famous comedian, she’s working on being known for much more.

Honestly, I don’t get offended [when people refer to me as an ex] because that’s all they know, Torrei Hart shared with BET Style. It’s a part of my legacy and that’s OK. But I’m here to let them know, I’m more than that.

Aside from performing on the stage, Torrei is working hard to build her natural hair care called,  Heavenly Hart, named after her daughter. Torrei is passionate about natural hair and encouraging women to love themselves. When creating her hair line, Torrei was thinking of her daughter as she plans to gift the company to her at the age of 18.

I was inspired by my daughter [to create the line]. I wanted to present her with a gift when she turns 18. So, more than anything, it’s a message, a self-love gift to her and reminder to women just to love yourself and go after whatever you want.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what Torrei’s fitness regime consists of because you can tell that the mother of 2 has been working on her fitness. To keep her body looking right and tight, Torrei is a runner as well as she loves hot yoga.

[Hot yoga] is mental. I’m sweating, I’m burning calories, and then I’m in there spiritually. You know, when you find a good teacher that you connect to, it’s so much that you can get from that, from hot yoga. My eating routine is not the best that I’d like it to be, but I’m working on that. And I do believe that once I get everything in alignment that, you know, I’ll be at my best figure that I want to be at. I love my shape right now but I would like a few little tweaks to it.

I’m sure along with the rest of the men, Kevin Hart probably is looking at Torrei like, dayum!