Leslie Jones Post The Most Heartbreaking Instagram Caption, But The Internet Shows Her Love

Posted On : February 1, 2018

It has often been said that comedians are really depressed in real life. Some of the funniest people in the world hide their pain with smiles as they perform. However, when the lights go down, they truly become themselves as many comedians laugh to keep from crying. Comedian Leslie Jones, who is often seen with a smile on her face, posted a gym selfie with a very dark caption. Her revelation surprised many and garner large amounts of support.

For the most part, Jones utilizes her social media accounts to do what she does best which is make people laugh. Jones is an athlete and an avid Game of Thrones fan. Like most people that work out at the gym, Jones posted a gym selfie to show off her progress. She captioned the photo with honesty letting her followers know that celebrities have insecurities too.

Ok back to cardio. But confession I feel like I’m doing it for nothing, Jones wrote. I know it not [sic] I’m healthy and look good but I really feel like ‘what’s it all for’ if the people you want to notice don’t. I just feel like I might die alone. Sorry, that’s pretty heavy today!!

After Jones shared her photo, many of her followers praised her for her honesty while encouraging her that she’ll fine love some day. Below are some of the words of affirmations that Jones’ followers posted:

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. And you are worthy, loved, beautiful, and a true light in this dark world. Thank God for women like you! ????

You are a kind, funny, beautiful human being and if you were my friend I would hold your hand until the end. I send big hugs, you are awesome and talented. We love you so much. I think human beings are all alone in the end and sharing that solitude is the one thing that unite us and today we are here for you.

You are the best Leslie ❤️ and they will notice when the time is right! Just focus on loving YOU because YOU are amazing !!

love Ya girl…fa real. walk talk and proud. You are entitled to do so. you are smart. You are talented. You are beautiful.#embraceyourbeauty

While Jones’ followers reminded her that she was beautiful and talented, Jones reminded her followers that she is human. Leslie posted the caption not necessarily because she lacked self-confidence but because she’s a real person who sometimes has bad days. Despite the fact that Jones hasn’t found the love of her life, she shared that she is loved by a higher power.

Romance aside, Leslie is at the peak of her career. She enjoyed a leading role in the female-led Ghostbusters reboot; she hosted last years BET Awards, and it has just been announced that the former Saturday Night Live comic will be officially joining the NBC team’s coverage of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.