[VIDEO] Jalen Rose Claims People ‘Are Only Faithful As Their Options’ While On Air W/ Girlfriend, Sparks Twitter Outrage

Posted On : December 29, 2017

Jalen Rose might have said a little too much when he appeared on ESPN’s First Take. His statements may have been suitable for a discussion with the fellas but he turned quite a few heads on social media when he made a brutally honest statement about relationships in front of the last person on earth you’d expect him to say something in front of – his own girlfriend. The controversial statement has sparked a media firestorm and Twitter users have held nothing back. All the drama started last night after the ESPN segment aired, according to Source magazine.

When Keepin’ It Real Goes Awry:

When the former NBA baller appeared on First Take on Wednesday, December 27, he shared his perspective of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison’s decision to sign with the New England Patriots earlier this week. Jalen claimed, “people are only as faithful as their options.” Then to make matters worse, the awkward scene unfolded right in front of Jalen’s girlfriend, Molly Qerim, who happens to be the First Take host and moderator.

You can probably guess how she reacted when he made the statement. Twitter fans everywhere have agreed that her reaction was a priceless moment. Molly shot her man a warning saying, “Don’t get yourself in trouble, Jalen.” Although the two are probably quite comfortable in their relationship since they’ve been dating for the past year, Jalen’s statement was enough to have any woman scratchin’ their head and apparently, Twitter users also had questions.

Check out the First Take clip:

Fans’ Reaction:

It definitely didn’t take long for viewers to start sharing their opinion of Jalen’s statement on Twitter. Fans wasted no time dragging Jalen for the awkward statement and many agreed this was an epic fail for the former NBA baller. The tweets that have been shared are hilarious as people have reenacted Jalen’s statement and Molly’s reaction.

Here are some of the tweets:

Molly might be givin’ Jalen the side eye for quite some time because he’s really gonna have to come up with a great explanation for this one!