Karrueche Tran Reveals If She Prefers Dating Men Or Women

Posted On : December 4, 2017

Karrueche Tran has established quite a name for herself as an actress, but most fans still know her as Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend. Although she’s a long way from those days with Chris and she’s dating a few others after their breakup, she recently shared a few surprising details about her dating life. Apparently, she actually dated women before hooking up with the “Questions” singer. During a recent interview, the upcoming actress opened up about her love life, reports the Daily Mail.

Dating Women:

At one point, Karrueche Tran actually dated women. “I thought about dating a girl again, but then it is like it is something about a man. I prefer to date men. I dated a girl or maybe two girls but nothing serious.” Although the previous relationships weren’t serious and she’s still attracted to men, she admitted there is one way she’d take a girl seriously – if she found the right one. “Maybe if I found the right girl … the thing is with women, women we understand each other, we are more sensitive and I can be very sensitive and affectionate but then women do not have that male quality.”

Still Into Guys:

So, will Karrueche Tran be getting serious about women anytime soon? Well, not exactly. During an interview with Angie Martinex back in November, she made it clear she’s still into guys and her next relationship will be with a man. However, she won’t be dating just any man. Apparently, there’s a stipulation. She’s not interested in dating another celebrity. “My next guy definitely won’t be a big celebrity, rapper, singer, basketball player, or athlete. They’re too much. I thought about dating girls again, but I’m gonna be with a man for sure.”

Although she wants a man for the long-haul, she also revealed she’s just “having fun” right now. “I do not know. I am just having fun, experimenting. I think everyone is sexy, everyone is fine, and everyone is beautiful. But I am going to be with a man for sure I think.”

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!