Kenya Moore Defends Marriage As She Reveals Plans For Biiger Wedding Next June

Posted On : November 7, 2017

Over the summer, Kenya Moore took fans by surprise when she revealed she’d married the man of her dreams, Marc Daly. For those who missed that, Kenya and Marc tied the knot back in June in a destination wedding ceremony in St. Lucia. Of course, many Real Housewives of Atlanta fans were happy for the former model/actress, but others were scratching their heads. Why? Because no one had ever seen or heard of Marc Daly before Kenya announced she’d tied the knot.

Since she’s a reality TV star now, fans were giving Kenya the side-eye. With cameras following her every move, fans were baffled by the fact that no one has ever seen the man she claims to have been dating for several months. In fact, many social media users and even Kenya’s co-stars aren’t convinced her marriage is real which is why she’s still being accused of marrying for publicly. Since the season 10 premiere of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, there has been more speculation about the real reason for Kenya’s marriage. Now, she’s clapping back once again to defend her relationship.

Not Havin’ It:

With the Housewives season premiere, Kenya felt the need to once again reiterate that she had no problem keeping her wedding ceremony private. So she took to social media with a lengthy post about her wedding. She insists their wedding was an intimate ceremony that she didn’t not want to share with the public. Kenya even went a step further to reiterate that she married for love, not publicity. “Thank you for all the love, support and well wishes tonight. My wedding was incredibly beautiful, intimate and PRIVATE…that’s what we wanted,” Kenya shared on Instagram Sunday. “I married for love not for cameras. I met a man who was so special to me I would have married him at the courthouse.”

However, Kenya also revealed some interesting details that have fans giving her the side eye yet again. Despite claiming her marriage was a private affair, she and her husband are now planning a bigger wedding for next June, reports BET. “My marriage is sacred to me and my Aunt Lori, Brandon, my sister Lisa and best friend of 30 years all attended for my side,” she wrote. “My husband and I always planned to have a bigger wedding in June. I love my father dearly and he will walk me down the aisle.”

Fakin’ It Or Nah?:

The latest news about lots of reports about Kenya’s marriage. Shortly after announcing she was married, Kenya was asked if Marc would appear on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She claimed he would not and that decision reportedly caused a rift between Kenya and the Bravo producers of the show. Since she’s contracted as a real “housewife” producers reportedly argued that her husband would need to appear at some point. Now, she’s mysteriously planning a big ceremony for next June. Seems a publicity move even more so now.

Right now, Kenya’s future on the show is unclear. So, fans will just have to watch this season to see how things turn out.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!