Kenya Moore Spills Interesting Detail That Raises Questions About Her Marriage…Again

Posted On : April 14, 2018

For the past year, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans everywhere have been givin’ Kenya Moore the side-eye for one reason or another. First, the marriage, itself, raised questions because it seemed to have come out of nowhere. Now, of course, Kenya and Marc have taken the next obvious step in their relationship: pregnancy. According to several news outlets, Kenya Moore is officially pregnant with Marc Daly’s baby. But despite the grand announcement, Kenya is still gettin’ the cold shoulder. Her latest blunder on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion also has fans wonderin’ what’s really goin’ on.

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One Big Happy Family?… Or Nah?:

For those who missed the reunion special, Kenya made a questionable statement that only raised more questions about her marriage being a farce. According to EurWeb, Kenya admitted she’s never met Marc’s family, namely his parents. That’s right… Her in-laws; her unborn child’s grandparents… She’s never met them. During part 1 of the reunion, Kenya was asked about her in-laws and that’s when she revealed she’s never met them in person. So, of course, they didn’t attend the wedding.

When asked by reunion show host, Andy Cohen if she’s met her husband’s mom and dad, she replied, “we’ve met over the phone.” “Huh?” Andy responded.  “No, I don’t think so. they live in a different state,” she said when asked if it was odd that she hadn’t met his parents. “I think they were on a cruise at the time [of the wedding].”


Of course, fans have taken to social media with tons of questions. Kenya’s response to the speculation only made things worse. She admitted her father didn’t meet Marc until her grandmother’s funeral.

Maybe Marc’s relationship with his parents isn’t the best, but after being married nearly a year, they still haven’t met his wife? To many fans and viewers, this seems like a serious red flag and screams “staged marriage.” Needless to say, many fans are scratching their heads about this one.

Fighting For Privacy Or Doin’ Damage Control?:

The latest news follows Kenya’s months-long to keep the media out of her marriage. Back in November when the latest season of RHOA premiered, Kenya tearfully explained why it’s so important that she maintains a strong level of privacy in her marriage. Despite being a reality star, Kenya is demanding many aspects of her personal life be kept out of the public eye, which has reportedly caused a rift between her and Bravo producers. The reality TV lifestyle may not be what Marc signed up for by being with Kenya, but it’s definitely what Kenya signed up for when she joined the cast.

During the episode where Kenya expressed concern about their privacy, she actually discussed the pressure her new husband is under and admitted his own mother wasn’t too fond of the idea of them marrying so quickly. “This is really just f—— with him,” Moore told her producer Joye, in tears, of Daly. “He can’t even sleep, he’s not eating. He’s got ex-girlfriends sending him things about me from 25 years ago [about] some famous guy I dated. Like, what does it have to do with now?” She continued, “They don’t know me and everybody said he fought his mother and everybody for me,” Moore continued. “This pressure is too much. It’s too much stuff going on. I don’t wanna get divorced.”

Her previous words coupled with the statement she made on the reunion special definitely raises speculation about the marriage. It appears there could be another reason why she hasn’t met Marc’s family, but of course, she’s not going to reveal too much. Hopefully, things work out for Kenya and Marc but only time will tell.