Was Kenya Moore’s ‘Pregnancy Scare’ Fabricated To Save Her ‘RHOA’ Job? Insiders Share Details

Posted On : February 13, 2018

Kenya Moore shocked fans last year when she tied the knot with Marc Daly. Although she admitted she was thrilled about the marriage and the new chapter in her life, many Real Housewives of Atlanta fans speculated her marriage was nothing more than another farce to hold her spot of the reality series. However, Kenya adamantly denied the rumors and even refused to film with her new husband. Needless to say, the decisions she’s made have reportedly led to a rift between her and Bravo producers for the hit show. But, now she’s at the center of another controversy. Not only is there speculation her wedding was a farce, but now there are rumors the whole “pregnancy” scare was fabricated.

Truth Or Lies?:

For those who missed one of the latest episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, it featured Kenya’s pregnancy scare after being “six weeks late.” Kenya visited a doctor’s office where she took a blood and urine test to see if she had finally gotten pregnant. At the time, doctors claimed the test was inconclusive and more tests would need to be run. But after further examination, it was determined that Kenya was not pregnant. So, what’s the problem? Well, according to a report published by Radar Online, insiders claim producers don’t believe Kenya there was ever really speculation of a pregnancy and the reality star knew she wasn’t pregnant.


“Kenya was in trouble with the production company after her husband refused to film with her at all. They told her she was going to get fired, and she had better do something to stay on the show,” the insider told Radar. “That was filmed after the women got back from Barcelona, not before.”

Date night with baby?

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A Tainted Reputation?:

Since Kenya Moore has a history of telling fibs and fabricating stories, insiders claim Bravo producers reportedly speculated the pregnancy was just another attempt to create a storyline. “No one believes a word that Kenya tells them. They knew she was desperate to stay on the show, so she made it all up. And it isn’t working, she’s getting fired after this season,” the insider claimed.

Right now, there’s still no confirmation on whether or not she’ll will be fired but to most fans, season 11 doesn’t look very promising for Kenya.