Kevin Hart Is Now Expecting His Third Child, Details!

Posted On : May 14, 2017


Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish has just broken Instagram with their announcement of their first baby.

One of Ricky Smiley’s jokes for Kevin Hart is that he needs a special booster seat for when he comes to visit the Rickey Smiley show. Guess Kevin Hart will have to use that booster seat for his new baby.

Instagram post:


Kevin also posted, “Celebrating Mother’s Day with my beautiful wife, We are laughing at the fact that this time next year we will be celebrating her 1st actual Mother’s Day.” #Harts #Blessed

Kevin and Eniko:

The couple got engaged on Eniko’s 30th birthday. On the day of the proposal,

Kevin posted, “Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman in the world. Today is your day babe and we are going to party like it’s 1999…. I love you so much. I am a better man because of you.”

Lol, Kevin Hart wouldn’t be Kevin if he didn’t add a fun part to the most romantic tweet. Kevin went on to say, “P.S. your old as s**t now lmao #Dirty30 #HappyBday #ThrowBackPic

Kevin and Eniko

Drama Surrounding the Loving Couple

Once the news hit that the couple was engaged, the drama was soon to follow.

Kevin has two children with his Ex-Wife Torrei Hart. When the couple got engaged news reporters made a huge issue out of Eniko becoming the stepmom to Kevin’s two children.

Also, news reporters made mention of the fact that the rumor mill made it seem as if Kevin Hart and Torrei got a divorce because of Eniko. Clearly, this made Kevin upset. He immediately tweeted,

“It’s almost 7 years total of me not being with my Ex………I guess giving a woman over 20K a month and still being there for her and being an incredible father isn’t enough.

We can’t wait for the tweet or Instagram post about the actual baby. Congrats Kevin and Eniko


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