[Video] 5Yr Old Tells Mom Boyfriend Dumped Her At School, Her Response Is Remarkable!

Posted On : March 23, 2017

Myyyy goodnesssssss. This kindergartner and sister accomplice know the game better than many adults. Hear how she breaks down handling her recent breakup.

— Atlanta, Georgia

You probably remember having “relationships” when you were young. Well, times have changed a bit.

What you’re about to hear just might make you step up your game.

These sisters go by the names Dani (left) and Dannah (right).

Apparently, things didn’t go so well for Dannah earlier this week.

She was having boyfriend troubles. So, when she arrived home, she talked it over with Moms Dani Lane. This is her.

It was a nice therapy session.

From the sound of things, Dannah was supposed to receive a proposal, but something drastic happened.

Can you believe that? He switched up on her and went for an older 4th grader…

…His audacity.

Seems like sister Dani is right. She needs another man because he is on some nonsense.

Dannah Comes Back Extra Strong Tho…

It didn’t take long for the little dude to realize the error of his ways. On March 23, he came crawling back and bearing gifts.

According to Dannah, he had some jewelry for her.

Bruh, these kids will teach you something these days…

Listen to how she curved this little guy.

“I accepted it. And, I was like, ‘I’ll take the bracelet, but I won’t take you.'”

Lord!…Give this young man strength to make it through the day. Don’t let’m jump off the top of the jungle gym, Lord.

(Rihanna voice) “Didn’t you know that Dannah’s a savage?…”

Her sister Dani made the situation even more funny being her hypegirl.

“Say whaaaaaaaa??”

So, yeah. Ladies, learn from Dannah — and you’d best have a friend like Dani by your side to keep you straight.

Little dude lost out on someone special.

Now, he’s probably listening to Kid’s Bop’s version of “Needed Me.”

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