Kirk Frost Could Face Arrest Warrant For Criminal Abandonment Of A Child

Posted On : May 29, 2017
Kirk and Rasheeda Frost

Honey Listen

It’s never a good idea to run around with a married man. You can rest assure that, if you’re foolish enough to partake in sexual relations and get yourself a “side chic baby”, then the odds of things going smoothly and living happily ever after will be slim to none.

So is the case and current situation of Jasmine Washington, who has managed to get herself into a mess. Washington, allegedly gave birth, giving Kirk Frost another son Kannon Mekhi Washington, according to information posted on Fameolous.

Kirk Frost is married to Rasheeda Frost, a reality star on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, where they are regular featured celebrities on the show. They have two sons together and Kirk has four children he brought into the relationship. Unfortunately, Kirk has a history of stepping out of his relationship with Rasheeda. This isn’t the first time Rasheeda has dealt with the results of his immature decisions of going outside their relationship.

Jasmine Washington (L) Kirk Frost (R)


According to the source, Jasmine Washington, can’t seem to corner Frost, to have him served with court papers regarding child support and paternity. The suit claims that she was hired help to Frost, who allegedly gave her an allowance and car, in exchange for being his ‘kept woman’. Washington, also claims that once she dropped Frost, he then dropped her and their son, leaving them empty handed as reported by the source.

Reportedly, all Washington wants at this point, is for Frost to step up to the plate, by taking the DNA test to prove or disprove the child is his. If it’s proven that Frost is the said father, then reportedly, she would like financial help with the care of the said child. The thing is, according to the source, Jasmine can’t seem to go forward with the proceedings. Reportedly, Kirk has been non-compliant by dodging the process server, therefore he doesn’t have to show up to court as posted by the source:

“Kirk Frost is running from taking this test,” Washington’s new lawyer, Tony Mathis told Bossip. “ All he has to do is take the test. Let’s get the damn thing over with.  We’re gonna find him,” Mathis said.

“We’ll alert the authorities and we’re going to put a warrant out for arrest for criminal abandonment of a child.”

Mathis makes a good point regarding if Frost, isn’t the father as posted by the source:

“If any man knows it’s not his kid, he’s going to be the first one to take the test,” the lawyer said. “He’s been running around for the last six months!”

Kirk, might want to quite evading and take the test. That way he can get this entire fiasco behind him. I’m betting that if Mathis becomes successful with getting Kirk arrested, Rasheeda won’t be running red lights to post his bail.

Call Me When You Know

During a taping of the show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Rasheeda, addresses the ‘side chic’, baby mamma drama allegations (talk about tongue twisters). It appears Rasheeda just may have reached her limits, when dealing with Kirk and all his foolery.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!