LaLa Anthony Turns Heads In Mexico W/ Red Bikini After ‘Romantic Night’ W/ Carmelo

Posted On : January 3, 2018

LaLa Anthony has always been strikingly beautiful and now she’s captivating fans again with her jaw-dropping figure. A photo of the former radio personality is going viral as fans wonder who she celebrated the new year with. It looks like LaLa had a great time in Mexico but one photo she posted says it all.

Romantic Nights In Cabo:

According to TMZ, LaLa brought in the new year in Los Cabos and she took to Instagram with a few photos from her trip. In one of the photos, the Power actress was photographed wearing a jaw-dropping red bikini and of course, the photo didn’t go unnoticed by fans. In fact, many fans complimented the reality star/actress on her looks and claim Carmelo must have been out of his mind for cheating on LaLa.

Check out the photo:

Cabo Day 3 ⚓️

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Here are a few of LaLa’s other posts from her trip to Mexico:


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Together Again?:

LaLa trip to Cabo San Lucas follows reports about a romantic night she is said to have recently spent with her estranged husband, Carmelo Anthony. By now, most fans know LaLa and Carmelo were on the brink of divorce months ago, but is there hope for the couple? An insider recently shared details about LaLa and Carmelo’s rumored night together after the Oklahoma Thunder’s game against New York on December 16.

“LaLa went back to Carmelo’s hotel with him, and they ordered room service and watched a movie.” The insider continued, “Thankfully, Melo had a rest day Sunday, so they could enjoy a leisurely morning before he had to fly back to Oklahoma for a big game against Denver. LaLa said it felt like old times again, she gave Carmelo a massage, they talked for hours, and it was awesome. No fighting, no drama, just how it used to be before they split.”

The insider concluded, “La La had a great time at the game, cheering on Carmelo. She loved watching him play — the only thing that would have made it better would have been if the Thunder had won. Carmelo played well though, and before the game started, as they announced the line-up, there was a special video tribute played to him, and the crowd went crazy. It was awesome, and Carmelo was incredibly moved. He was in no mood for partying when the game finished, and he had completed media interviews. He was so exhausted having just come off a three-game road trip, and not arriving at the hotel in Manhattan until 3 am on Saturday morning. So, all he wanted to do was relax and chill with his girl.”

Right now, it is unclear who LaLa was with in Mexico but there is speculation she may have been with Melo. The two announced their split back in April of 2017 but insisted they were in no rush to file for divorce. Best of luck to LaLa and Carmelo.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!