Law Prevents Man From Seeing His Child That He Had With A Married Woman

Posted On : June 4, 2018

Aaron Grimes was in a relationship with Shawnita VanHook-Williams. They were in love and spent a lot of time together. The two met in 2007 and Grimes said it was love at first sight.

She was a great woman, very attractive, very intelligent, fun loving, and easy going, said Grimes to WXYZ 7 News. 

In their four years together, Grimes shared that they were very much in love. Grimes and VanHook-Williams were inseparable as they traveled together and even attended family functions together. The two were very public with their relationship despite the fact that VanHook-Williams was already married. While Grimes and VanHook-Williams were dating, she became pregnant. Grimes was excited to raise a child with the woman he loved. However, VanHook-Williams had a different idea about their child’s future and it did not involve Grimes.

Shawnita VanHook-Williams and Aaron Grimes met in 2007. They were in love and spent every waking hour together. However, she was married to someone else.

Detroit Man Fighting To Be A Father To His Child But His Married Girlfriend Is Not In Agreement:

When Aaron Grimes met Shawnita VanHook-Williams  in 2007, he fell in love with her right away. Grimes and VanHook-Williams were together all the time despite the fact that she was already married to someone else.

We went to restaurants. We went on vacation. We did a lot of things, Grimes shared with WXYZ News 7 anchorman Bill Proctor.

VanHook-Williams informed Grimes that she was married but she wasn’t happily married. Shawnita VanHook-Williams allegedly never wore a wedding ring. VanHook-Williams revealed to her boyfriend that she had an arrangement with her husband. Because they couldn’t afford a divorce, Van-Hook-Williams lived with her husband but apparently she was able to see other men. Not only did Shawnita VanHook-Williams’ family know about her relationship with Grimes, her husband knew about it as well.

When VanHook-Williams discovered she was pregnant four years into her relationship with Grimes, she and Grimes were both happy. They made plans for the future and Grimes believed that he would raise his son with the woman he loved.

At The Hospital, Grimes And The Husband Of His Girlfriend Were Both There To See The Baby:

On the day that VanHook-Williams gave birth to their son, Grimes shared that he got a call from her mother to come to the hospital. To his surprise, VanHook-Williams’ husband was already there and assuming the role of a proud father. The beautiful relationship that he once had with VanHook-Williams began to change and the dreams that Grimes had were shattered. Grimes wanted to be in his child’s life as an active dad but VanHook-Williams had another plan in mind.

 She wanted more of kind of an arrangement where they would raise him, and she’d kind of find a way to fit me in. And I wasn’t comfortable with that, Grimes stated.

Grimes was in disbelief that VanHook-Williams chose her husband to raise their son over him. Fed up, Grimes hired a lawyer so that he could be apart of his son’s life.

Michigan Law Prohibited A Father From Seeing His Child:

Aaron Grimes made the mistake of falling in love with a married woman. From their relationship, a child was born and Grimes wanted to be apart of his life. However, his married girlfriend Shawnita VanHook-Williams chose her husband to be their son’s father. As Grimes fought to be in his child’s life, he was unaware of a Michigan law that prevented him from doing so.

A little known law, passed in June of 2012, called the Revocation of Paternity Act says when that when a child is born out of an affair, the mother gets to decide whether the biological dad will be part of the equation. In this case, the mother said no.  She and her husband are raising the child and Grimes is left out in the cold.

As of June of 2013, the law was still on the side of  VanHook-Williams. Grimes had no legal rights to his child but he was not willing to give up.

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