After Leaving Rikers Prison, A Man Went To Visit His Ex-Girlfriend & Now He’s Back In Jail

Posted On : October 3, 2017
Jerome Rivers

Jerome Rivers became a registered sex offender back in 2013 for sexually assaulting a woman. No stranger to the penal system, Rivers has a long criminal history with 109 arrests stretching back to 1983. One would think that Rivers would be done with prison as he’s been arrested so many times. Well, after being recently released from prison last Thursday, Rivers is now back in prison for allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend, Gia Pender.

Here’s What We Know:

Gia Pender was trying to get away from her former boyfriend, Jerome Rivers. She was afraid of him as he reportedly was physically abusive. Back in July, Jerome Rivers was arrested for attacking Pender. Because of his conduct, Rivers was banned from even talking to Pender. Despite a judge approved an order of protection barring contact, NY Daily Times reported that Rivers called Pender several times from prison.

Gia Pender

On the day he was released, Rivers reportedly called Pender on Thursday to ask if he could stay with her​.  Fearing for her life, Pender ran to her neighbors house for comfort as she was terrified. Rivers had only been in jail for 2 months and Pender knew that he was coming for her.

Jerome is coming over​,​ ​Pender told the neighbor. ​I​f anything happens to me, give this to my mother​,​”​ she added presciently.

Sadly, Pender was right. As soon as Rivers was released, he came to her home and reportedly killed her. Pender was allegedly strangled.

Gia Pender died in her home as her former boyfriend, Jerome Rivers strangled her.

Police officers received a call from Pender’s home, however, Rivers was on the other line.  Rivers arrived at the woman’s Queens home, and then called cops around 6 a.m. the next day, saying he awoke to a “thump” and found Pender on the bedroom floor​. Initially, Rivers claimed that he didn’t kill Pender as he had no ill will towards her. ​He later gave the police a different statement.

While he claimed he didn’t kill her, Rivers stated that Pender allegedly “disrespected his mother and had him locked up on trumped-up domestic abuse charges”.

Rivers is now back in jail as a Queens criminal court judge ordered him held without bail during a brief arraignment on Sunday.

Our prayers are with Gia Pender’s family and a Go Fund Me page has been created for funeral expenses.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!