Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s “Bambi” Shows Off 6 Pack Snapback Post Baby

Posted On : April 18, 2019

The Bambs Snatched Back!

Adiz Benson, famously known as “Bambi” from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta recently gave birth to her son Breland. The past six months has been blissful with husband Scrappy by her side. Since then, he’s experienced some amazing milestones, including his first holiday season, his first flight (to Trinidad), and swim lessons. He recently graduated from “Tadpole” to “Swimboree” in his swim school. He will soon be swimming laps around the pool with his water survival skills. Most adults can’t even swim so that’s pretty impressive!

Baby Benson is not the only one who has experienced some significant changes. Bambi has watched her body change over the past year. Lucky for her, after giving birth, its snatched back to what is was before. The 33-year-old shared a throwback photo of herself carrying her son at six months alongside a recent photo of herself holding him at six months old. She wore the same Adidas pants and sports bra in the photos for contrast. What a difference!

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Rocky Start in Pregnancy

While the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star attributed her early baby weight loss to the benefits of drinking detox tea that a lot of celebrities swear by. It probably has more to do with good genes and her need for activity. The bambs is known for her love of basketball and was reportedly pretty good at the game back in her day. Not to mention her gender reveal was basketball themed, on an actual court! Oh, and she was pretty sick during the first part of her pregnancy, so that probably played a part in her being nothing but belly.

“Been ignoring my friends for months,” she said when she was around 20 weeks pregnant. “sorry guys it’s been a struggle. But I’m soooo thankful for my wonderful husband who has been more amazing than I ever imagined. Thank you Boo… also you’re petty asf for catching me napping with a paper towel in my mouth.”

“If you see me outside it’s because I have to be, so don’t take a pic of me looking a mess please,” she added. “I’m not looking fine and slaying no pregnancy, it’s obviously slaying me #icantevenswallowmyownsaliva.”