Man Arrested For Setting Fire To The Home Of His Ex-Girlfriend And Killing Her Three Sons

Posted On : November 5, 2017
Preston Daquen Bonnett was arrested Monday after allegedly setting fire to his ex-girlfriend’s home and killing her three sons.  

Pennsylvania man, Preston Daquen Bonnett met Susan Major in 2015 after responding to a Craigslist advertisement in the personal section. According to Citizens’ Voice, after a few months of dating, the couple faced fraud charges after the two allegedly used fraudulent debit cards to buy gift cards and other items. However, they eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge and got a year of probation. After being arrested for fraud, their relationship experienced more obstacles as there problems worsened.

Here’s What Happened:

During the summer, Preston Daquen Bonnett, 26, and his girlfriend, 48 year-old Susan Major, got into a huge argument which resulted in Bonnett being evicted from her home. Apparently, the couple broke up after Bonnett allowed Tyla Marie Griffin, 28, to stay at Major’s home without her permission. So, Major kicked them both out of her home. Upon evicting Bonnett from her home, she discovered a device used to make fraudulent credit cards in Bonnett’s belongings. Major decided to inform the police which resulted in Bonnett and Griffin facing 25 charges, including felony counts of access device fraud and conspiracy. This angered Bonnett who already was on probation. He allegedly continued to harass Major at her home and she feared for the safety of herself as well as her children.

Brothers Erik Dupree, 16, Devon Major, 12, and Ezekiel Major, 7, died in the fire investigators believe was intentionally set.

Major worked nights and sometimes her children were home alone. As a measure of security, Major had security cameras hidden inside of her home. In addition, Jonquil Throop, a neighbor who was friends with Erik Dupree, Major’s son, informed police that Dupree shared with him that they might move due to being afraid of Bonnett. On October 25th, Major’s children were home alone as she had to attend a work event that was scheduled at night. According to the Citizens’ Voice, on the night of the fire, Erik Dupree called 911 at 7:10 p.m. to report Bonnett was on the back porch. He was afraid and he tried to get help for himself and his brothers. Shortly after Erik Dupree’s call, police officers received another call that their home was on fire.

During questioning, Bonnett denied having problems with Major and said he was not at her home.

Emergency responders arriving on scene pulled the boys from the fire, and managed to resuscitate Ezekiel Major, who was severely burned and in cardiac arrest. However, he died after being flown to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Sadly, all of Major’s 3 sons, Erik Dupree, 16, Devon Major, 12, and Ezekiel Major, 7, died in a fire investigators believe that Bonnett set.

When police questioned Bonnett, he acted as if he had no problems with Major. Bonnett was adamant that he was innocent as he maintained that he had not gone to her house at all the day of the fire. However, Major’s security cameras tell another story. The security footage showed Bonnett,  identified because of a tattoo on his hand , walking around the family’s porch in the dark at 7:08 p.m. which was five minutes before Dupree called 911.

Police arrested Bonnett and Griffin the day after the fire on charges related to the credit-card fraud case and they are being held at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility. Bonnett’s bail had been set at $150,000 in the fraud case, but the new charges of criminal homicide and three counts of arson means he will not be eligible for bail.

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