Man Murders His Ex On Social Media Live Because She Allegedly Exposed Their Relationship

Posted On : April 12, 2018

Shreveport, Louisiana woman, 27 year-old Rannita “Nu Nu” Williams, was a fashionable mother of three who adored her children. She worked as a hair stylist and an interior designer for her neighbors in order to make money to support her children. According to Shreveport Times, Williams was in an on and off relationship with 36 year-old Johnathan Robinson. On Thursday, Robinson was at the home of Williams as she streamed live to Facebook. During her live feed, Williams was apologizing for some statements she made as Robinson paced angrily in the background.

Williams had no idea that Robsinson would snap and kill her in front of her family and friends.

Here’s What Happened:

Rannita “Nu Nu” Williams went on Facebook Live to apologize as her ex-boyfriend,  Johnathan Robinson demanded that she do it. The video begins with Williams stating her name and allegedly apologizing to a woman named Ricka Taylor. While  Shreveport Times shared that Williams and Robinson were in a relationship off and on, Robinson was also reportedly in a relationship with Taylor. It’s unclear what Williams said but Ask Kissy reports that Robinson was angry because Williams exposed him as a cheater.

Before she was killed, Williams last words were heard during a live video:

My page has been blocked, that’s why I’m going live, Williams stated that she had to use someone else’s page. This Nunu, I’m blocked off my page. So I had to go online on —– phone. I ain’t had no intention to going live like that. I apologize to everybody

It appears that her apologies weren’t enough. From the video, it appears that Robinson was enraged as he paced back and forth. At one point, Robinson can be heard saying, Wanna be famous…You really think I’m worried about the police right now? as he continued to pace behind her eventually telling Williams that he was going to make her famous.

It appears that Robinson left Williams’ home as the sound of a creaking door can be heard. Robinson reenters the room and gun shots can be heard. Williams begs him to stop but he continues to open fire. The phone drops as Robinson coldly yells, Now, b*tch! Game over!”.

See the chilling video here. Just as a warning, the video is extremely graphic.

The Suspect Held The Victim In Her Home As A Hostage:

Police responded to a report of shots fired around 10:48 a.m. at Williams’ Shreveport, Louisiana home. It’s unclear how long Williams was left in the house after being shot. When a police officer arrived to the home, Robinson reportedly opened fire onto the officer. Hostage negotiators made contact with Robinson and eventually were able to enter the home. Robinson was found armed with a rifle and was arrested immediately. Williams was taken to the hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival.

This was not the suspect’s first violent offense as Robinson had a history of domestic violence. In 2015, the former felon allegedly beat up another girlfriend as he dragged her into a home until the police arrived. KTBS reports that when police arrived, Robinson confronted them. Then, he went back inside the house, locked the door, and kept beating his girlfriend, according to arrest reports. In addition, he has also faced attempted second-degree murder, armed robbery, assault, and drug charges.

While the family of Williams is happy that Robinson is off the street, they are devastated by her death.

NuNu was my baby, she’s so sweet she loves her kids. She just come from Vegas, from New York with her oldest daughter. So, she loved her kids and her kids, when they find out that’s the hardest part of the whole thing. When the kids find out, said Sharon Brown, who identified herself to KTBS as an aunt of the shooting victim.

Rannita Williams was a loving mother, judging from her Facebook page, which is filled with photos of her children as well as glamour shots of Williams out on the town.