Man Opens Up As He Was In A Love Triangle That Went Horribly Wrong

Posted On : January 1, 2019

A Wisconsin man, 37 year-old Willie Shavers, is emotionally destroyed as his poor decisions caused him to lose someone he loved dearly. With a cigarette in his hand, Shavers exclusively spoke with Fox 6 News Now about a love triangle that went horribly wrong.

Shavers was in a relationship with 37 year-old Misti Kruchten. They shared a home together and they had been dating for 6 years. Kruchten also has two children that lived in the home as well. During their relationship, Shavers began another relationship with another woman, 19 year-old  Elaina Rookard. It appears that neither woman knew about each other. When the women discovered that Shavers was seeing them both, things took an ugly turn and their lives would never be the same.

Misti And Willie Appeared To Be Happy

Misti Kruchten and her boyfriend, Willie Shavers, appeared to be happy with no apparent problems. Milwaukee Fox 6 News Now reports that the couple had been together for 6 years. They lived together along with Kruchten’s 2 children.  While Shavers admitted that he loved Kruchten, he developed romantic feelings for a much younger woman.

Willie Shavers Alleges That His Mistress Knew About His Girlfriend

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Willie Shavers claims that his mistress, 19 year-old Elaina Rookard, knew about his girlfriend, Misti Kruchten. According to Shavers, when Rookard learned of Kruchten their relationship continued. Shavers was under the impression that Rookard was ok with him having a girlfriend.

“Elaina found out about Misti weeks ago, but we got over that. We still had our understanding of what was going on between us,” said Shavers to Fox 6 News Now.

Willie Shavers Loved Elaina Rookard Too

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Despite the fact that Willie Shavers was in a relationship with another woman, he didn’t hide his relationship with Elaina Rookard. Rookard posted several photos of herself with Shavers as they appeared to be in love as well. However, one of Rookard’s Facebook friends advised her that Shavers wasn’t worth fighting for. Sadly, Rookard should have listened.

On November 11th, Rookard allegedly noticed Shavers in the car with another woman. Upset, she began to follow him.

Elaina Rookard Confronted Shavers About Being With Another Woman

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While Willie Shavers told news reporters that Elaina Rookard knew of his girlfriend, a witness with Rookard told a different story. A friend of Rookard’s told Fox 6 News Now that Rookard followed Shavers after observing him in the car with another woman. Eventually, the car pulled over and Rookard soon discovered that the woman was Shaver’s girlfriend, Kruchten. The women exited their vehicles and they began to argue. Shavers was caught in the middle as he loved both women.

Two Women Fought Over A Man They Both Loved

Misti Kruchten finally came face to face as the women allegedly argued over Shavers. Shavers got between the women as their argument became physical and the women fought.

“I’m trying to pull (Elaina) up off of Misti. Every time I calmed Elaina down, (Elaina’s friend) — she’s the one who started Elaina back up with it,” said Shavers to Fox 6 News Now.

Separating the two women, Shavers believed the fight was over as he reportedly went inside his home to check on the children. Thinking the worst was over, Shavers was stunned when he heard the sound of a gunshot.

A Fight Over A Man Led To The Tragic Demise Of 1 And The Arrest Of Another

Willie Shavers believed that the women he loved were done fighting. Thinking the fight was over between Kruchten and Rookard, Shavers turned his back and then heard a loud noise. To his surprise, it was gun shot.

“Before I got ready to respond, I heard, ‘bang.’ I jumped back. I was shocked. I see Misti stand up, I see Elaina fall and I fell to the ground,” said Shavers to Fox 6 News Now.

According to Fox 6 News Now, Rookard’s friend told police she saw Kruchten go to her vehicle, bring back a gun, “raise her arm, point the gun at (Rookard) and fire once.” Officers arrived to the scene saw the victim, Rookard, lying face down in the street. She suffered a gunshot wound and tragically, she passed away. Kruchten alleged that she was defending herself and she fired a gun as a warning. She is currently in police custody as she faces 60 years in prison.

Willie Shavers Is Alive And Free But He Regrets What Happened Between His 2 Loves:

Willie Shavers made a memorial for his mistress Rookard in front of his girlfriend Kruchten’s home. Saddened, he regrets what happens as he wished things would have been different.

“Emotionally, I’m destroyed. Because I loved both women dearly, and I can’t get Elaina back. Both of these are two loving people. It’s just an incident that got out of hand” said Willie Shavers.

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