Man Pays Brian McKnight Sound-Alike To Serenade GF — Mistake?

Posted On : June 22, 2017

One, she had no idea he could sing. Two, she definitely didn’t know he could sound exactly like Brian McKnight! Looks like she was getting hot though.

Would you pay for someone attractive to serenade your companion? While it’s definitely romantic, in your absence, it might have the potential to go south.

Look at this face. Does this look like the face of someone thinking about their companion?

Man Pays Brian McKnight Sound-Alike To Serenade GF — Mistake II
She couldn’t keep her composure after the man began singing. And, it only gets more intense as he continues.

The singer’s name is Aveon Falstar. According to the video’s description, he’s a “seasoned wedding singer and musician.”

And, as you’ll hear from his vocals via Brian McKnight’s “Never Felt This Way,” he’s definitely “seasoned.” Don’t believe? Check this reaction.

Man Pays Brian McKnight Sound-Alike To Serenade GF — Mistake III
Mind you, he’s not the companion. But, maybe she forgot that? Lol.

It literally gets to the point where she takes off her jacket. Apparently, something was a bit too steamy.

In a second song, “Still in Love,” Aveon Falstar continues to wow and thrill the ladies in the office.

See this look? Pure wonder.

Man Pays Brian McKnight Sound-Alike To Serenade GF — Mistake IV
Via the YouTube video’s comments, someone said her current boyfriend would be ‘friendzoned’ by the time she clocks out. Lol. People are too much.

Nevertheless, let’s jump into the video, shall we?

One YouTube user, Nydira Adams, mentions, “He would’ve got every piece of a** I could find.”

However, from another man’s viewpoint, George Candelaria states, “I’m about to report this video so my future girl won’t find this.”

While the woman’s companion definitely sent the sing-o-gram as a romantic gesture, maybe he should’ve been there with her upon its arrival.

That way, all her energies would be focused on him…rather than the singer.

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[Featured Photo via YouTube]

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