Man In Viral Proposal Video Made MAJOR Sacrifice For Engagement, There’s Just One Problem

Posted On : December 12, 2016

Over the weekend, one man’s viral proposal caught the attention of social media users everywhere. For those who missed it, Daiwon McPherson staged his “arrest” at a gas station.

Armed police officers demanded that he get on the ground, but when he kneeled the scene took an unexpected turn. Unlike many of the incidents involving police officers and African-American males, the officers were in on McPherson’s plan. While down on one knee, he pulled a ring box from his jacket and asked his 28-year-old girlfriend, Shawnna, to marry him.

Viral Sensation or Center of Controversy?:

Although many social media users found his proposal to be unique, others weren’t moved or amused. Of course. most people didn’t see the romanticism in staging an incident that has led to many controversial deaths across the country. But, despite the criticism, McPherson was determined to seal the deal with his girlfriend after she gave him another chance to make it work.

In fact, he was so serious that he made a major sacrifice for the engagement ring he purchased. Now, he’s making headlines again.

The Latest:

According to Ask Kissy, McPherson used every dollar he could save to purchase the ring. Now, he’s facing eviction. He revealed its been months since he paid rent at the tattoo shop he works at because he put the money toward the ring. Although McPherson made the decision from his heart with good intentions, social media users are criticizing him again. Since money is one of the leading reasons for divorce, many believe McPherson is still setting himself up for failure.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!