Man’s Wife Was Found Dead And 2 Months Later, His Mistress Was Found Dead Too

Posted On : August 25, 2018

On Wednesday, Texas man Darrell Burnside was arrested as he has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, 25 year-old Ashley George. George’s body was found in a park in Clear Lake, Texas, near her abandoned car. This isn’t the first time that Burnside has been accused of murder as police officers believe that he is responsible for his wife’s murder. Interestingly enough, George was suspected of aiding Burnside in murdering his wife. It appears that Darrell Burnside believed that 2 people could keep a secret if one of them was dead.

Carol And Darrell Burnside Appeared To Have Been The Perfect Couple:

According to the Daily Mail, Darrell Burnside was allegedly in a relationship with Ashley George. However, there was just one problem, Burnside was married to Carol Burnside. Calling him her soulmate, Carol Burnside expressed her love for Darrell on Facebook as she stated that he was the love of her life. On her Facebook page, Carol and Darrell shared that they got married on September 29, 2012. When one Facebook follower commented “who cares”, Darrell Burnside responded with the following:

I care cause this is The Love If My Life and I’m Truly in Love with this Beautiful Woman!!!! Love You Mrs Burnside. 

They seemed like the perfect couple as they appeared to be so in love. Imagine everyone’s heartbreak and shock, when the love of his life, Carol Burnside, was found dead in her home.

Posted by Carol Burnside on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Carol Burnside Was Found Dead And Police Officers Think Her Husband Is Responsible For Her Death:

Back in January, Carol Burnside was found dead inside of her Noxapater, Mississippi home. At the time of her death, Darrell spoke with  WTOK saying that the world would not be the same without her. It’s unclear how Carol passed away and police officers had no idea who would want Carol dead. She was active in her church with a loving personality. With such a beautiful spirit, Carol reportedly had no enemies. Darrell, Carol, and her daughter, Aleaka, were a happy family but with Carol’s death, apart of them was missing.

This is where I grew up at, Darrell Burnside said to WTOK. Once Carol and I got married, her and her daughter moved here and we made this our home. If you were a part of the community, if you were a part of the family, if you were a part of the church, if you were a part of her life, you felt her love, Burnside said. We have to keep pushing Aleaka forward so she can achieve her greatness in life, Darrell Burnside said. That may be where my spark of energy comes from, but right now, I don’t have it.

Police officers have yet to make an arrest in the murder of Carol Burnside. Initially, they had no idea who would want to kill Carol. Then, in a stunning revelation, the Louisiana State Police sheriff’s office revealed that Darrell Burnside and his mistress, Ashley George were suspected of being involved in the murder of Burnside’s wife in Mississippi. Now, 2 months after Carol’s death, George was found dead as well.

Darrell Burnside is being charged with capital murder in Ashley George’s death and not yet been charged in his wife’s, Carol Burnside, murder.

Dead Mistresses Can Tell No Tales:

On April 24th, in Houston, Texas, the body of Ashley George was found dead as she had been stabbed multiple times. Her body was found at Clear Lake Park and investigators believe that Darrell Burnside is responsible for her death. Investigators say the night before, George told her parents she was going to meet a friend to workout. Sometime after 10 p.m., surveillance video captured her vehicle driving into the parking lot.

According to the Daily Mail, both Darrell Burnside and George were the prime suspects in the murder of Burnside’s wife Carol back in January. While Darrell has not been charged with his wife’s death, Darrell Burnside, 49, was arrested Wednesday for the murder of his mistress Ashley George.