After All The Mudslinging, Mary J. Blige Is Finally Free

Posted On : June 22, 2018
(Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio/Wireimage)

Let’s get it crunk up on, have fun up on, in this dancery – because Mary J. Blige is now finally single!

The 47-year-old singing legend is officially divorced from her former manager Kendu Isaacs, according to court documents obtained The Blast.

The details of the divorce are confidential, according to the documents.

The former couple announced they were separating after 12 years of marriage in 2016, reached a divorce settlement in March.

‘I Thought He Loved Me’

In September, the singer opened up about her split to Variety.

“I’m living. I’m not happy about a lot of things. I thought someone loved me, right? Turns out, he was a con artist and he didn’t, and now he’s coming after me for all my money,” Blige says. 

“When you come out of something like that, you realize you were never the one. There was someone else that was his queen. I got played. I got suckered. I have to keep smiling and keep my spirits up because this is designed to kill me,” she added.

Fans of the ‘No Drama’ singer were outraged when Kendu asked for $30,000 per month in temporary spousal support.

He Was Allegedly Having An Affair

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According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE in May 2017, Blige admitted that Kendu had cheated on her.

In a shocking claim, she told a judge that Kendu spent $420,000 during their marriage on a woman he was having an affair with.

She went on to state that he drives a Mercedes that she pre-paid the lease on, and refuses to turn over her “Grammy and other achievement awards.”

Blige went added that she is more than $10,000,000 in debt as Kendu doesn’t work.