Meet The Blogger Who Is Daring To Be The First Black Women To Travel To Every Country

Posted On : July 9, 2018

She’s both beautiful and curious; with a yearning to explore the world.

Tanyka Renee Henry is on her way to becoming the first black woman to visit every country.

The stunning social media maven and travel influencer started her quest to see the world when she was a young girl, living in foster care.

Renee loved to ride her bike and go on adventures by herself. She would travel to each town in her need to escape her reality.

She Signed A Modeling Contract

Then when Henry was 13 , the beauty signed her first modeling contract and visited fashion capital Paris.

“Paris forever changed me,” Henry told ESSENCE while she was holidaying in the South of France. “It opened my eyes to fashion and different cultures.”

Then around three years ago Henry went through a bad break up. During this tough time, Henry went back to her first love – traveling. 

But realizing she couldn’t afford to go on a 5 star vacation – she went backpacking through Asia.

Henry traveled to Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. As like most people when they go away, she took pictures and posting them onto social media.

She Now Gets Paid To Travel

Henry wrote about her travels  for different travel magazines and blogs.

Social media followers were intrigued by her experiences and before she knew it, her Instagram following skyrocketed. 

She was then approached by various tourism boards who pay her to document her travels around the world. 

It is now her mission to become the first black woman to visit every country in the world.