Meet The Little Cutie Who Has Sold Over 10,000 Copies Of Her Debut Book!

Posted On : July 31, 2018

Kennedy O’Neal is only 6-years-old. But in the words of Cardi B she’s out here making “money moves.”

After appearing on Good Morning America, sales of the kindergartener’s debut book, The Adventures of Super Kennedy: Saving and Investing, soared.

Now the little girl can proudly say what other kids her age cannot – her book has surpassed more than 10,000 copies.

Kennedy and her biggest cheer supporter – her dad Chris – released the book in mid-March to a positive reception.

Her Book Teaches Readers To Save Money

Super Kennedy

It’s simply astounding that a six year old has such an impressive grasp on saving. In real life, Kennedy loves earning, saving money and investing it. In her book her alter ego, “Super Kennedy” teaches kids creative ways to save and earn money.

Once Super Kennedy has enough money saved up, with her parents help, she buys a cheap house to fix up and collects rent from tenants. According to Kennedy’s father, the book has motivated young readers to think more seriously about their own financial future.

“Children have been inspired to start their own businesses. For example, parents have told us that their kids have started a lemonade stand, selling jewelry and cutting grass in order to save for toys and houses!” stated Chris. “A parent told us that after reading the book to their kids they are doing chores around the house and saving and stashing their money.”

‘Start Saving Now!’

Since the book’s release, Kennedy has been in demand. As well as GMA, she was recently featured as a guest on the Steve Harvey show.

Her family have also taken part in local literacy events and school tours to discuss the importance of saving and investing money. Kennedy has also been a speaker at the Taylor Thomas’ Tots to Teens Expo in Maryland.

“It truly is a blessing on the outcome of the release of the book and how it is inspiring others to invest in their children’s future,” her father stated.

“The feedback has also been amazing. The book has been featured in libraries and schools. In fact, a teacher from our local private high school is using it as a teaching tool for their students. We really anticipated the book to be more geared to children, but adults are picking up the book and reading it, too.”

“The goal of the book is to impress upon kids that they can save and invest, too. They do not have to be an adult to start investing. Start now!” Chris says. 

The book, which is geared toward 5 to 14-year olds, is available for purchase on Amazon.

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