Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Accused Of Attacking Ex-Boyfriend After Finding Another Woman In His Home

Posted On : April 5, 2019

Whitney Robertson photo

MIAMI, FLORIDA — A 25-year-old Miami Dolphins cheerleader is facing criminal charges for allegedly attacking her former boyfriend after finding another woman in his home, according to the Miami Herald.

On March 26, Whitney Robertson, a University of North Texas graduate from Garland, Texas, allegedly entered her ex-boyfriend’s house through an unlocked back door and found him having dinner with another woman.

Miami police officials said Robertson became upset and therefore picked up a lit candle and threw it at them. The candle struck her ex-boyfriend on the hand, which left a bruise.

The Ex-Boyfriend And His Mystery Woman Run For Cover

When Robertson purportedly began throwing the porcelain plates that were on the dinner table at her ex-boyfriend and the other woman, they ran into the living room area.

NBC Miami reports that Robertson continued to throw plates, which caused the other woman to run into a bedroom out of fear.

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