Michael Clarke Duncan’s Sister Speaks Out As She Claims Omarosa ‘Manipulated’ The Actor

Posted On : September 11, 2018

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It’s been a number of years since the tragic passing of Michael Clarke Duncan. Just before his death, Clarke allegedly had plans to marry reality TV star turned-White-House-adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman. Despite Omarosa’s claims of them being in love, his family disagrees. They are speaking out once again by stating that Omarosa manipulated Clarke, lied about the engagement, and that she’s an opportunist.

That last line isn’t surprising……

Omarosa ‘Manipulated’ Actor Michael Clarke Duncan in His Final Days, Say Family and Friends:

Omarosa Manigault Newman’s recent tell-all book “Unhinged” has been the talk of the town as she has used her platform to slam Trump, a man she once worked for and admired. Known for being controversial, Omarosa has used her book to be in the spotlight once again as she has made media rounds to share how dysfunction of the White House. Not only has Omarosa used her book to disgrace Trump, but she also talks about her romance with the late Green Mile Actor Michael Clarke Duncan. However, the family and friends of Clarke wish Omarosa would stop speaking on Clarke as they believe that she manipulated the actor in his final days.

Shortly before Clarke passed, Omarosa stated that he had proposed to her and that they had plans to get married. Sadly, before they could walk down the aisle, Clark suffered a massive heart attack.

I was lying in bed with Michael the night of July 13, Omarosa wrote in her book Unhinged, when I noticed a change in his breathing. His soft snores became ragged, and then stopped altogether. I put my hand on his chest and realized he wasn’t breathing. I called 911 in a panic and told the operator what was happening, that my fiancé wasn’t breathing and might be having a heart attack. The operator gave me instructions to perform CPR, which I did, as I’d been trained to do in college, until the paramedics arrived and took Michael to the hospital. He was still alive, she added. The paramedics told me if it hadn’t been for my efforts, he would have died.

Clarke’s Family Claims That Omarosa Was Fixated On Michael’s  Money When He Was On Life Support:


When Clarke suffered a heart attack, he didn’t pass away right away as he was in and out of consciousness. During that time, his family alleges that Omarosa took advantage of him and reportedly influenced him to change his will. Judy Duncan, Michael’s sister, told TMZ back in 2013 that she believed her brother was not of sound mind when he made the changes to his will. Clarke’s sister Judy said her suspicions about Omarosa intensified when Clarke was hospitalized following his heart attack because Omarosa was reportedly fixated on his money when he was on life support. To his family’s surprise, he left them with very little and left everything to Omarosa.

While Judy Duncan made those statements in 2013, she recently spoke with the Daily Beast. To this day, she feels like Omarosa is a snake.

People want me to comment on her, and it’s like, what can you really say about a serpent, other than it’s a serpent?Judy Duncan told the Daily Beast I’m not a snake handler, so I stay away. This person wants more than 15 minutes of fame, and money along with it. As you notice, every time she starts to die down, she tries to pop back up. And the reason that you never hear from us or see us is because we’re not those type of folks. I just retired from my job that I worked for 35 years, and I worked other jobs prior to that for 15 years. So we’re working class, we’re folks who just want to enjoy life and treat people right, and hope that we get treated right too. That’s it. So to be caught up in this, it’s a bit much—to say the least.

There were a lot of things that did not go right between the time he ended up in the hospital and his funeral, Judy Duncan stated. We weren’t saying anything, but every day, she had other people coming up there. I understand that there were certain people that should’ve been in the loop, but there were people up there that shouldn’t have been up there. Meanwhile his best friend of a million years kept asking, should I come down, should I come down? And we were like no, they don’t really want anyone here.

Family and friends of Duncan claim that Omarosa lied about their engagement. Additionally, they shared that they believe that he had plans to break up with Omarosa. What hurt his sister the most, is that she had no planning in her only brother’s funeral. Omarosa reportedly made it all about her.

No surprises there…….