Michelle Williams And Fiancé Chad Johnson Eye Up Huge Deal

Posted On : July 7, 2018

Michelle Williams is out here living her best life.

Fresh from her show stopping performance at Coachella performance with Destiny’s Child the beauty got engaged.

Now she wants to share her upcoming nuptials with her fans.

Michelle and her fiancé Chad Johnson have reportedly secured a non-scripted show on OWN.

The series will follow the pair’s relationship leading up to their wedding. 

They Met At A Spiritual Retreat

Williams met her man March 2017 while attending a spiritual retreat in Arizona that he was running.

Johnson works as a pastor and a life a coach. The pair say they immediately ‘hit it off’ but both wanted to remain focused on the retreat.

The ‘Believe In Me’ singer said about their initial meeting:

I mean, he was cute, but I did not go to flirt with the pastor!

A Friend Encouraged Chad To Pursue Michelle

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Once they went their separate ways, the pair kept in touch.  Then a friend of Chad’s encouraged him to pursue Michelle.

I tried to roll in with some mac daddy game — and I tried to flirt a little bit and said something like, ‘How about you and I connect sometime?’ And right away, she texted right back with one word and six question marks behind it: ‘Connect??????’, he laughed during an interview with People magazine. He continued on by saying, “I thought she had dissed me. So I was embarrassed, and I didn’t reach back out to her because I thought I’d ruined the friendship.

But a week later, Williams commented on one of Johnson’s Instagram stories with his nephews.

The rest is history, Chad says.

The R&B diva turned gospel singer sold over 60 million records with band mates with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.