Michelle Williams & Fiance’ Talk Sex Before Marriage, ‘Struggles’ Leading Up To Wedding

Posted On : August 21, 2018

As the days progress, Michelle Williams and her fiance’ Chad Johnson are one step closer to tying the knot. Needless to say, the two are very excited about the new chapter their about to embark on. Like most engaged couples, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to building a life together. There’s so much to see and experience together. One thing the couple is looking forward to is their wedding night. Michelle recently took to Instagram to share details about their intimate life and many fans are pleased about what they’ve heard. The former Destiny’s Child singer has revealed she and her man are abstaining from sex until they tie the knot.

Cater To You:

According to The Jasmine Brand, Michelle and Chad recently stepped out to spend some quality time together at a restaurant. We all know restaurants tend to play soft music in the background but this restaurant played a song that caught the couple’s attention. Why? Well, its because Michelle was actually on the song. The restaurant was playin’ Destiny’s Child’s hit single “Cater To You.” Most DC3 fans know the lyrics and what the song means. Of course, the song opened the door for an interesting conversation between the couple. So, Michelle decided to share a few details about that conversation.

Michelle recalled the verses in the song and how the three of them explained how they’d cater to their man. Even then, Michelle’s verse wasn’t about “you know what” but apparently Chad was just listenin’ to the song, overall. She revealed they haven’t gotten to the “catering” part of their evolving relationship because they’re savin’ that part for marriage. The singer also wrote about the difference between her verse and Kelly’s. “Sitting in a restaurant with @chadjohnson77 and Cater To You comes on and I made this face (rolling eyes emoji) because he’s waiting on the first and second verse to be fulfilled one day. [rolling eyes emoji] I wrote my verse about empowering the man. I wish you would tap me on my shoulder while I’m sleep  (that was Kelly’s promise, not mine!)”

Worthy Of It All:

Although Michelle clarified how she made no such promises in the song, she admitted she’s had a change of heart since the song dropped. Now that she has a man she feels is worthy of havin’ it all, she won’t mind fulfilling the song’s promises. But, for now, he’ll still have to wait! “My aunt said, “don’t make no promises you can’t keep!” [laughing emojis] Sorry Chad!! Naw I’m just playin kinda…… I know that I NOW have a man worthy of those first two verses in Cater To You. I was so over the foolishness back then and I was like “I’ll just let you know you’re a good man without all the extra and I’ll always have your back!”

I missed the IG birthday shout out to my beautiful and (insert a million more phenomenal adjectives here) fiancé, due to all we have been facing as of late! Today, I’m “In My Feelings” (not over KeKe either! ?) because doing LIFE with you @michellewilliams has been one of the greatest experiences anyone could ever have, EVER! This pic was a year ago, when the world found out about “US”… back then, our relationship was flooded with puppy love, a ton of laughter, with fun and new experiences…. but it essentially was untested!!!! If someone would’ve told me that a year later we would have faced all that we have in such a short period… I wouldn’t have believed them and/or ran like my name was Forrest! Today, as the world has dimly seen, we have been tested beyond what I could’ve imagined, proven beyond what I could have desired, and persevered like ONLY God can carry us through (this pic says it all)! Through it all You have remained with a pliable and moldable heart in the hands of our Maker, and that makes me love you even more!! Happy Birthday (ig late) baby! Here’s to All Of me for All of you! ? I love you! #restart

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Chad may be a pastor but that doesn’t mean he and his fiancee aren’t human. Based on her posts, it’s kinda obvious the discipline required for abstinence isn’t exactly easy. She asked that fans pray for them as they prepare for their wedding day – and night.“Ps: we’re waiting until marriage for some of those wishes and desires to happen. Pray for us!” Congratulations and best of luck to Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson!