Missing Man Found Dead And Police Believe Someone He Trusted Knew The Whole Time

Posted On : October 7, 2018

Last Sunday, the family of David Carter were worried sick as they had not heard from him. It was not like him to disappear without contacting anyone. Carter’s sister, Tasia Jackson, knew something was horribly wrong when his job informed her that he had not shown up for work. Fearing the worse, the family of Carter took to social media to ask if anyone had seen or heard from David Carter.

Family Of David Carter Worried After No One Had Heard From Him:

David Carter of Melvindale, Michigan wasn’t the type of man to miss work. When his sister, Tasia Jackson, learned that her brother didn’t show up for work, she knew something was wrong.

It’s just not like my brother, said Tasia Jackson to WXYZ news. 

Worried about her brother, Tasia Jackson called Carter as she was concerned that he was a no show at his job.

I tried calling his phone, going to the voicemail, said Jackson to WXYZ.

Jackson shared that she stopped by his apartment to check in on him. She says the door was open, but there was no sign of David. To help find her brother, Jackson took to social media as a page was created called, “Help Find David Carter”. Additionally, a post was created on the Facebook page, Missing In Michigan.

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Posted by Help Find David Carter on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The family of David Carter was desperately looking for answers to bring the father back home to his 16-year-old son, DJ. Carter was extremely close to his son. He was an active dad and he wouldn’t leave his son without communicating. Just before he went missing, Carter took to social media to show love to his son on “National Son Day”.

David Carter’s family feared the worst but they tried to remain hopeful and positive.

At this point, we just want my brother, we just want him, we want him we want, we need to see him, so at this point, we just want my brother, said Tasia Jackson.

To aid in their search, the family of David Carter reached out to the police. The Melvindale Police Department as well as the State Police were searching Carter’s apartment for clues.

State police is there at the apartment with the backhoes to check out the dumpsters and whatever, so that’s how I know it is an active crime scene,  said David’s father Elton Carter.

After searching diligently for Carter, the family soon learned that their worse fears were confirmed.

Missing Melvindale Man, David Carter, Found Dead:

The family of David Carter is devastated as they learned that he was murdered. According to Fox 2 News, Carter’s remains were found in two different areas. Part of his remains were found near his apartment complex. Then, an Ohio Department of Transportation worker found a sleeping bag containing human remains along I-75 freeway. DNA testing confirmed that both sets of human remains belonged to David Carter.

Police officers have been pretty quiet about the investigation. However, Fox 2 News reported that the person in custody has a close connection to Carter according to relatives, but police have not confirmed the identity of the suspect.

While police officers and the family of David Carter have been quiet about the investigation, many friends of David Carter have made claims that his girlfriend, Tamera Williams, is the person of interest.

Carter’s family is still trying to make sense of what happened. Police remain tight lipped about some of the details in this case as they continue their investigation.

It’s unclear how long Carter was dating Tamera Williams. On the day of his disappearance, pictures of Carter and Williams were posted on his Facebook page as it appeared that Carter was publicly confessing his love for Williams. However, many of his friends stated that the post was created by Williams and not Carter.

Again, police officers have not confirmed that Williams is in custody. However, whomever is responsible for this crime, should be brought to justice quickly as he not deserve to die in the manner in which he did.