Missouri Woman, Her Son, And Fiancé Were Found Dead In An Apparent Murder Suicide

Posted On : February 24, 2018

Bellefontaine, Missouri woman Katrina Banks was looking forward to a beautiful future with a man she loved, her fiancé, 31 year-old Dornubari Dugbor. About a month ago, Banks excitedly posted a photo of her and Dugbor as they became engaged in January. Sadly, those dreams of getting married would never come to fruition as Banks and her husband-to-be-were found dead along with Banks’ 15 year-old son, Kevin Johnson.

According to  St. Louis Post Dispatch, police officers received a chilling phone call. An unidentified man phoned 911 from his cell phone to inform them that they would find 3 dead bodies in a home on Hoyt Drive in Bellefontaine, Missouri. As the man hung up, police officers rushed to the home hoping that the man was wrong. When they arrived, they found a woman and her 15-year-old son shot to death. Family members later identified that woman as Katrina Banks and the teen was her son, Kevin Johnson. Officers also found Dornubari Dugborand dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound under his chin. Police believe that Dugborand was the person who made the initial call to police as he was found with a cell phone in his hand. While police officers found 3 dead bodies, they found one person alive.

The 4 year-old daughter of Dugbor and Banks was home at the time of the shooting. While the girl was in her bedroom, she reportedly heard the sound of gunfire. As she walked out of her room, the child allegedly saw her mother dead in the living room. St. Louis Dispatch reports that Dugbor then told the child to go back to her room. The child obliged and pretended to be sleep as she heard more gunfire. The girl is being evaluated at a hospital, as a precaution, then will be turned over to relatives.

Banks lived at the home with her son and daughter. Neighbors reported seeing the little girl at the home occasionally playing outside and was aware that the Dugbor sometimes stayed there. And while Dugbor and Banks both were parents to the girl, custody arrangements were unsure of stated Bellefountaine Neighbors Police Chief Jeremy Ihler. While Dugbor allegedly lived at the house, he apparently also had a home in St. Louis city. The couple appeared to have no mental issues and no domestic disturbances were reported. As of right now, police officers are unsure of the motive behind the killings.

Banks and Dugbor got engaged in January and the apparent murder-suicide comes as a shock to everyone.