Mom Opens Up About How Her Dying Son Saved Her Life After Ex-Husband Shot Them (Video)

Posted On : December 16, 2016

Keisha Valentine was shot several times by her ex-husband, Earl Valentine II. Not only was she shot, but her son, Earl Valentine III, was shot as well. Sadly, he didn’t make it.

Months later, for the first time, Keisha Valentine, is able to speak on that tragic night and pay homage to her heroic son who saved her life.

Valentine told WWBT that she remembered hearing a series of gun shots before she collapsed on the floor.

The gun went ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom’ I collapsed in my room, I shut the door behind me and I fell and hit the ground. I said, ‘I’m gonna die on this floor.

As Keisha laid on the floor, praying that she would survive, she thought about her son. Then, she heard his voice. She heard him calling 911, saying his dad shot his mom.


When police arrived and checked on Earl, who had been shot, Keisha heard him say, “Don’t worry about me, save my momma, don’t worry about me.”

Keisha was able to make it to the hospital in time for doctors to save her life, thanks to Earl’s 911 call.

After Earl Valentine III, shot his ex-wife and their teenage son, he made a Facebook live video confessing to the murders. What he didn’t know, is that Keisha was not dead. The video was created not only to make a confession but Valentine III said goodbye as he would later kill himself .

Watch the video below:

Living day to day without her son is difficult for Keisha Valentine as she often blames herself for her son’s death wishing that he had lived instead of her.

While it is difficult, she pushes through daily trying to live because that’s what her son would have wanted.

I have to keep pushing myself on otherwise my son would’ve saved my life for nothing.

Watch news footage on this story below:

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!