Monica’s Husband, Shannon Brown Posts Emotional Message To Wife Following Cheating Rumors

Posted On : June 19, 2017

Monica and Shannon Brown have had their share of ups and downs. From the cheating allegations to the divorce rumors, there have been tons of reports about the possibility of Monica and Shannon going their separate ways. But, the former NBA baller is letting the world know that he’s still in love with his wife as their seventh wedding anniversary approaches. Now, his post has gone viral.


On June 14, Shannon took to Instagram with a heartfelt post about the woman he loves. Although there are tons of rumors about the couple’s marriage being on the rocks, Shannon has made it clear that even after all these years, there’s no other woman he’d rather be with. Monica is the one for him. According to Essence, Shannon posted a beautiful photo of his wife and wrote, “We have been married for more than a few years now. We have had our fair share of ups, downs, good times, bad times whatever but whether you like it or not there will forever be a Code Red situation about her,” he posted.

Here’s Shannon’s post:

The Ups and Downs:

Shannon’s latest Instagram post follows lots of drama and marital ups and downs that were, unfortunately, made public. Over the past few years, Shannon has made headlines quite a few times over his alleged cheating. Last summer, it was rumored that he’d been sending private messages to an Instagram model. As expected, screenshots of the messages were made public. But despite the incriminating screenshots, Monica still defended her husband. She adamantly insisted the rumors were not true. At the time, Shannon had been accused of fathering a child with a woman he’d cheated on Monica with. But the “So Gone” singer took to Instagram and set the record straight. Apparently, her husband was being stalked.

“The last several years stories were sold & told without any truth whatsoever, our aging grandmother was called and told my brother n law was in a wreck & near death, my families lines stalked, & so on, but honestly I’ve never discussed it because I feel as entertainers we are fair game to a cruel world and new age media,” Brown wrote, “but I want to apologize to the family of this beautiful baby that someone used in a deceitful sick game to hurt my family. Although we had nothing to do with it I’m truly sorry your daughter was used this way… My love for children runs DEEP & I feel they’re off limits, but this sick world clearly doesn’t feel the same..To her mother and father we are SO sorry.”

Both Monica and Shannon have made it clear they’re in it for the long run.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!