Fans React To NBA Baller Blake Griffin’s $285K Per Month Child Support Payments

Posted On : August 2, 2018

NBA baller Blake Griffin is making all kinds of headlines these days and it’s all because of his recent child support order. Apparently, the Detroit Pistons star will be shellin’ out a pretty penny for quite some time. According to Radar Online, Blake has been ordered to pay a whopping $285,000 a month in child support to his ex-fiancee, former USC basketball player Brynn Cameron for their two children, Ford, 5, and Finn, 2. Yes, you read that right; not $285,000 a year, but $285K each month.

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Big Money Spent:

It has been reported that a judge signed the order on July 19. As expected, the massive amount has caught the attention of social media users everywhere and many people can’t even fathom that type of child support payment on a monthly basis. In fact, many people have expressed how they couldn’t even imagine trying to put a dent in such a massive payment. However, it doesn’t seem like that will be much of an issue for Blake. Although it’s a hefty price to pay, Blake reportedly makes a staggering $2.2 million on a monthly basis, which comes to approximately $35 million annually. For months Blake and his former fiancee have been embroiled in a heated child support battle.

“The focus is on the minor children’s reasonable needs consistent with Petitioner’s station in life,” a judge wrote in the July 19 order. “Any expenses paid by Petitioner that provides a direct benefit for the parties’ children is relevant. By way of example, if Petitioner has taken the minor children to a Lakers game or to the World Series or spent funds on the minor children on shopping sprees, information/documentation regarding same would be relevant.”

The order signed on July 19 also has a stipulation regarding the children’s education. The estranged pair must “mutually agree on all school and additional school expenses,” but when it comes to the financial aspects, Blake “will pay for the kids’ extracurricular activities.”

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‘Homeless’ w/ $100:

Of course, Blake has made attempts to get around shelling out so much money, but Brynn’s legal team has made it a point to show evidence that Blake can afford the payments. Back in January, Brynn claimed she was on the brink of homelessness with just “$100 in her personal bank account.” Due to the vast differences in their financial situations, Brynn’s legal team argued that Blake should “pay all costs, including her attorney’s fees, which totaled to about $375,000.”

Earlier this year, the two went back and forth about Blake’s income. It was determined that with professional basketball and other financial investments, Blake earns more than $35 million a year which is the reason for the six-figure child support payment. Brynn’s attorneys also blasted Blake for his lavish lifestyle and alleged refusal to “provide promised financial support.” “Griffin cared more about the glamour of dating a Hollywood celebrity than the day-to-day responsibilities of being a father and family man,” Cameron’s attorneys reportedly wrote in the civil suit, according to Radar.

Based on the latest ruling, it looks like she’ll walk away with what she’s asked for. Their next court date for the civil suit is reportedly scheduled for February 2019. Even though Brynn is now set to receive $285K a month, it doesn’t look like she’s done hittin’ Blake’s pockets just yet. It should be interesting to see how the civil suit turns out.

Fans React:

As expected, the massive court ruling has caught the attention of social media users everywhere. While some do understand the payments are based on Blake’s income, some people still argue that the payments are excessive and it’s just a way to hit Blake’s pockets. To most people, it doesn’t seem like the payments are about the children at all. The tweets have been pouring in since the court order was made public and some of the reactions are hilarious. Needless to say, the battle of the sexes is in full swing and the debate is quite heated.

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