After Ridiculous Drama, Is NBA Player Paul George Expecting 2nd Baby With Former Stripper?

Posted On : June 7, 2017

Whenever most people heard about couples expecting a child, it’s usually a joyous occasion. But for NBA baller Paul George, things are a bit different. There’s a reason why fans are giving him the side eye for his second child. Although he’s expecting a baby with Daniela Rajic, who happens to also be the mother of his first child, the reason for all of the backlash centers around the drama he created when she got pregnant the first time.

Begging For An Abortion:

According to Total Pro Sports, the Indiana Pacers shooting guard made headlines three years ago when details surfaced about the drama surrounding Rajic’s pregnancy. George reportedly attempted to pay the former stripper a whopping $1 million to abort the baby, but to no avail. Rajic wasted no time declining the offer and later gave birth to a little girl they named Olivia.

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However, she didn’t stop there. She also filed a paternity suit again George and he, in turn, fired back with a legal move of his own, seeking full custody of their daughter. While it was never confirmed, many believed George opted for full custody to avoid paying child support. But, after a long, drawn-out custody battle, the two came to an agreement in a New York courtroom and agreed they’d both be active participants in their daughter’s life.

And Now…:

After all the drama he created in an effort to avoid fatherhood, the first time, it is now rumored that he’s gotten the stripper pregnant again. According to Terez Owens, an insider has shared details about the latest pregnancy.

Now we have PG13 knocking up his baby mama again. From our source, “I thought you may be interested, Paul George is having another baby with his baby mamma, the very one he once tried to pay off $1 million dollars to for the baby to go away the first time around” says our source. Looks like Paul will have his hands full come next season.”

Although the rumor has yet to be confirmed, there are a few photos that raise questions about George’s actions. After the legal battle he created, it looks like he’s still seeing the woman he tried so hard to pay off.

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So is Daniela Rajic really pregnant? Right now, it’s only a rumor but time will definitely reveal whether she is or not.


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