Neighbor Shares Final Moments Of A Wife Who Was Killed By Her Husband

Posted On : May 9, 2018

North Carolina woman, Melitha Lee was in love with her husband, Edwin Colon Jr. The couple married in 2016 and while they were married for 2 years, the couple had been together for 8 years. Despite their 11 year age difference, the couple seemed to be happy. Lee’s page was full of pictures of herself alongside her husband as she appeared to adore him. Sadly, the couple was involved in an argument that would cause their love affair to end.

Arigatos for Easter and papi bday..

Posted by Melitha Lee on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Husband Shot His Wife And 2 Teen Girls Before Fatally Wounding Himself:

Melitha Lee, 41, was a devoted nurse and she shared a home with her husband, 30 year-old Edwin Colon Jr., along with her 2 teenage daughters. According to friends and family, Lee loved her profession as well as her family. Lee and Colon Jr. lived in a quiet Winston-Salem neighborhood where neighbors often felt safe to leave their doors unlocked. Yoselin Villalobos, a woman who lives near the Lee and Colon Jr. household, shared that she always feels safe at home.

I always leave my door open, Villalobos said to Journal Now. We never have any problems.

However, on Monday night, a problem did occur and community members were surprised to see yellow caution tape in their neighborhood.

According to WXII 12, Lee and Colon Jr. were involved in an argument. The cause of the argument is unclear. Sadly, the argument became so heated that Colon Jr. reportedly fired multiple shots at Lee and her two daughters. Lee was shot in her torso and Colon was shot in the head. Investigators shared that both were taken to a hospital where they died. Police revealed that Lee’s youngest daughter had a minor cut to her dead. She too was taken to the hospital. News reports state that she was treated and then released. Both daughters are in a safe place. Tragically, Lee’s 2 daughters witnessed their mother dying and those memories will haunt them forever.

In Lee’s final moments, a  neighbor, Michelle Cartier, told WXII-12 that she was with Lee.  As Lee took her final breaths, she was concerned about her daughters. Cartier said she told Lee that her daughters were going to be ok and she prayed with her.

The Couple Had A Violent History:

To the outside world, Lee and Colon Jr. had a perfect marriage. They spent time together and several photos showed the couple embracing one another as they appeared happy. Sadly, pictures are not all what they seem as Lee had filed a domestic violence protective order against her husband on May 5, 2017. Journal Now reported that Lee feared for her life. In the filing, Lee stated that Colon Jr. reportedly threatened to kill himself if she left. Additionally, Colon Jr. threatened her as he reportedly put a gun to her head. Lee also alleged that Colon Jr. told her that he would put a gun in her face and mouth. Despite all those threats of violence, Lee loved Colon Jr. and she forgave him. Lee reportedly dismissed the order 10 days after filing it.

Love ya five years and still kickin

Posted by Melitha Lee on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Before Lee filed for the protective order, Colon Jr. was accused of being violent towards his wife in 2011. Colon was also charged twice in 2011 with misdemeanor assault on a female, accused of beating Lee in Forsyth County. He was not convicted in either case.

It seems as if Lee tried to make her relationship work by forgiving Colon Jr.. However, her forgiving, sweet nature led to her death and now her 2 daughters are without their mom. Some relationships are toxic and we must learn to let them go.