NFL Player Catches Hell, Video Shows Him And Wife Toasting To “More Light Skin Kids,”

Posted On : February 11, 2019

Melanated folks gather around for this tea. Unfortunately, during this glorious Black History Month, a Black NFL Player showed his ignorance and utter disrespect for hisself and the black community.

Los Angeles Charger Jahleel Addae and his white fiancé Lindsey Nelson are getting dragged by “Black Twitter” and other social media networks for a toast they made while at a restaurant with their interracial coupled friends.

What’s the toast has everyone in an uproar?

Addae and Nelson raised glasses and made a toast to “more light skinned kids.” Nelson even captioned her Instagram story  with a caption of the toast just to make sure no one misinterpreted their colorism. Who raised them?!

For decades there have been conversations of how black women, especially darker skinned women and the children they bore are under appreciated by black men, here is such an example. Why do men like Addae, who is of a darker complexion himself, think this way? The self-hate is real ya’ll!

Neither Addae nor his finance Nelson have issued a statement or public apology. Surprise, surprise! Instead Addae has made his Instagram account private. Rolls eyes.

Yahoo reached out to one of two people who is tagged in Nelson’s video. The other person, along with Addae and Nelson have made their Instagram accounts private.

There were denunciations of colorism and opportunism on Instagram and Twitter. In 1982, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker defined the term as, “prejudicial or preferential treatment of same-race people based solely on their color,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Twitter Responded

Some went to Twitter to remind Addae that the statement could be perceived as a backhanded slap to the women in his life, devaluing the children that they may have brought into the world because they are not of mixed race.

There’s still an assumption that all biracial children will come out with light skin. And while it is a high probability, genetics do what they want. And I would hope that if Addae were presented with a child that shared his complexion, he’d be ready to toast them as well.

So Here’s Beauty!

There was a successful Twitter thread of people posting pictures of darker-skinned children to show Addae and Nelson “what beauty is.”