Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Recent, Abusive Relationship & Exposure To Domestic Violence

Posted On : October 4, 2018

Nicki Minaj is usually the type to keep her personal life on the low, but in her new documentary Queen, she’s opening up about life in ways fans have never seen before.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the “Majesty” rapper is opening up about her childhood and the domestic abuse she witnessed. If that’s not surprising enough, she also admitted that the toxic relationship was actually a recent one.

Mental/Emotional Anguish:

With Queen, Nicki reportedly touches on a number of compelling topics. From her career, to her personal life and her personal relationships, she’s offering fans a glimpse of it all.

Although she didn’t reveal her abusive ex-boyfriend’s identity, she did explain how the relationship had taken a serious toll on her, mentally and emotionally. She admitted there were times during her career when she found it very difficult to inspire others when she felt completely empty inside.

“Who was I gonna inspire when I had nothing left in me? Like, I let one human being…like, I didn’t remember who I was to get in that studio. Like, I didn’t believe in myself.”

Nicki went on to share details about her childhood. Like most traumatized children, she witnessed her mother suffer physical abuse at the hands of her father. Sadly, she also recounted the times when she’d insert herself in the middle of their chaos, begging her father not to hurt her mother.

Although she witnessed abuse, she quickly decided she didn’t want the cycle to continue and adamantly refuses to tolerate abuse in any form.

“I remember when my mother would let my father be violent with her,” she discloses. “I mean, as a little girl I would come home and I would stand in front of my mother and do like this [flails her arms apart in blocking motion)]. I vowed – and that may be why some people would describe me as abrasive or b***y or whatever – I vowed from that age that no man would ever abuse me, and then all of a sudden that was my life.”

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Fans’ Reaction:

Now, nearly everyone knows there’s only been three men in Nicki’s life while she’s been in the celebrity spotlight: Safaree, Meek Mill, and Nas. As expected, fans are now wondering who the abusive man is. With the incriminating allegations Kelis has come forward with about Nas, lots of fans are wondering if he’s the abuser. However, others speculate that Meek Mill could be the one, since he and Nicki were often considered the “on-again, off-again” type of couple. Repeatedly, Meek Mill was accused of cheating on Nicki, but with all the rumors that circulate online, it’s often difficult to decipher the truth from lies.

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Now, that Nicki is sharing her truth, many fans are trying to figure out who’s the mystery man. But others have admitted that Nicki’s story is an inspiration. In fact, British rapper, Lady Leshurr, tweeted to Nicki revealing she’d suffered from similar experiences. She also commended Nicki for sharing her story.

“This is exactly my life ??? all hail Queen Nicki” Then, Nicki tweeted back, “Sending love, sweetheart.”

Nicki’s Queen album was released August 10 and her documentary is coming soon.